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Risk management

Find out more information about how we approach risk management at Shepway District Council.

As part of its day to day business, we manage risks to the organisation which can negatively impact on the council.

These risks can be financial (eg. we could lose money), operational (eg. it affects the way services are run), legal (eg. we are in danger of breaking the law), reputational (eg. it damages people's opinion of us) or it can affect communities within Shepway (eg. flooding).

Our approach to risk management is set out in its pdf icon Risk Management Policy. [352kb]

We use two types of risk registers. The first is the Corporate Risk Register, which contains the biggest risks to the council and is reported to the Cabinet approximately every four months.

pdf icon Corporate Risk Register [416kb]

The second are Operational Risk Registers, which are used to manage the day-to-day risks for each council service. With both registers, we look to reduce the likelihood that the risk might happen and to reduce the negative impact to us should it actually happen.