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Street naming and numbering

Change the name of an address or street, or register a new street or address

It is our responsibility to name and number all new developments in the district. 
Individuals and developers must not allocate their own house numbers, building or street names. You must apply for any changes through us.
We are also responsible for approving and making any changes to existing properties.

You need to apply to do any of the following:

  • Naming a new road
  • Creating new addresses: new properties/commercial units/property conversions/divisions.
  • Change your house name
  • Formerly add a house name to your numbered property
  • Rename an existing street
  • Name an existing unnamed street

How to apply

  • Complete an application form with existing address and up to three proposals for the new property name
  • Submit the correct fee  
  • Supply a location plan of the property/properties, including door accesses where appropriate
  • Applications received without a location plan will be considered invalid

pdf icon Check the fees [25kb]

This option only applies to properties which are already officially named. Where a property is numbered, this number cannot be altered.

Apply online

What happens once we receive your application form and correct fee

  • The property will be located and the name checked for suitability also to ensure that no duplications exist in a similarly named road.
  • The property name will be changed on our system.
  • Royal Mail will be informed of the name change and will notify Shepway District Council when their system is updated. 
  • We will then write to you to confirm your new registered address. We will also notify major organisations such as the NHS and Southern Water.
  • You should not display the new name until you have received written confirmation from us.

pdf icon Street Naming and Numbering Policy 2017 [472kb]