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How we make decisions

The cabinet is currently made up of 10 Councillors, they are elected to make decisions on reports that are submitted by officers

The main decision making body of the council is called the cabinet. It's currently made up of 10 councillors (elected representatives). Each member has their own portfolio (area of responsibility) - for example, economic development, finance, transport or communities.


What happens at a council meeting

The cabinet makes decisions based on reports by council officers (employees). The reports include an officer's recommendations and the reasons for it. After discussing the report, the cabinet can agree, change or reject the recommendations.


The public can attend any Council meeting. However, if information in the officer's report is exempt under the Local Government Act, some matters may be discussed without the public being present. These exceptions are described on page 13 of this PDF from GOV.UK, 'Your council's cabinet'.


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