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Ask a question or speak at a Council meeting

Information and guidance relating to the process and procedures for residents who wish to speak at Council meetings

You can ask questions at ordinary meetings of the council.

You can also speak for or against applications at:

  • Licensing Sub-Committee meetings
  • Development Control (planning) meetings

Whenever you speak at a meeting, you need to follow the rules of the committee (including the procedures for arranging to speak).

Ask a question a council meeting

The full rules for asking questions are in section 8 of part 4 of the Council's constitution.


Before the meeting

You must email the Head of Paid Service at at least 10 working days before the meeting. Say which meeting you want to speak at, and give:

  • your name and address
  • the name or role of the councillor you want to put your question to
  • your question (you can only ask 1 question per meeting)

If the council rejects your question (eg because a similar one has been asked in the last 6 months), they will tell you within 3 days.

Questions are then uploaded to this website and sent to all councillors.


At the meeting

The chairman will ask you to put your question to the councillor you have named. After they reply, you are allowed to put 1 further question to the same councillor. Your second question must be directly related to the first, or to the reply the councillor gave you.

If the councillor doesn't come to the meeting, or the maximum of 30 minutes for public questions runs out, you'll get a written answer to your question. The answer will be published on this website.


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