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Out of hours service

Let Shepway Lifeline handle your calls out of hours so you don't have to

If you want to extend your business hours by offering your customers the chance to speak to someone when your offices shut, our 24 hour monitoring centre can do that.

Our operators, experienced in keeping the customer first can provide your customers with an outstanding service.

Our monitoring centre is fully equipped with an offsite disaster recovery suite to ensure there is business continuity whatever the weather.


What does it cost?

All quotes are individual and tailored to the need of that business.  Apply for our out of hours service to give us a brief description of the service level you would want to provide your customers.


What do you need?

If you would like a continuation of your service out of hours we would need to be provided with a script to work from to give that same customer experience any time of the day.

If you would like use to provide an emergency based contact for your customers providing a limited service we would ask that you provide us with a manual outlining what our control operators should do in an instance of a call.

If you would like us to be a messenger service for your customers we can send on any information you would like to anywhere you would like it to go.


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