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Core Strategy Review

To reflect local changes and national guidance we are now carrying out a review of the Core Strategy Local Plan 2013

We adopted the Shepway Core Strategy Local Plan in 2013. The Core Strategy is our overarching, long term plan for the district to 2026. The policies in this plan have formed the basis for deciding planning applications and guiding public and private sector investment decisions.

National Planning Policy puts Local Plans at the heart of the planning system it is essential that they are not just in place but are also kept up to date.  

There have been many changes since the Core Strategy was adopted, for example, the national population projection figures have been updated, National Planning Practice Guidance has changed and we have reviewed our own Corporate Plan.  Therefore it's necessary to review the Core Strategy to ensure that it still sets out a robust, long term plan for the district. 

In 2016 we commissioned two key updates to our Local Plan Evidence Base to inform the review.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

To establish the housing market area and housing need in the district.

pdf icon Shepway SHMA Part 1 [2Mb]

pdf icon Shepway SHMA Part 2 [1Mb]

Growth Options Study

To identify and test potential approaches to strategic planning for future growth in Shepway. This work includes:

pdf icon Shepway Growth Options Phase Two Report [19Mb]

pdf icon Shepway High Level Options Report [5Mb]

pdf icon High Level Landscape Appraisal [58Mb]

Sustainability Appraisal (SA)

Initially, to support the review, we have started work on the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). This will help us assess how the Core Strategy will contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. The SA/SEA is mandatory for Local Plan documents under National and European legislation.    

The first stage of the SA/SEA was to produce and consult on a Scoping Report.  The purpose of the Scoping Report is to provide the context for, and determine the scope of, the SA/SEA of the Core Strategy Review and set out the framework for undertaking the later stages of the SA/SEA.

pdf icon Shepway Core Strategy Review SA Scoping Report [14Mb]

Planning Performance Agreement

A Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) has been entered into by the local planning authority that includes details relating to master planning, providing an evidence base for the Core Strategy Local Plan review and the information needed to support a future planning application. Further details can be found here.