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Carry out works in a conservation area

Instead of protecting an individual building, a conservation area seeks to preserve an area's whole character

This character may be made up of:

  • Buildings
  • Spaces between buildings
  • Views
  • Paving materials
  • Trees and boundary features.

Designation brings with it a number of controls including:

  • Control over the demolition of buildings
  • Strengthened controls over minor development
  • Special provision for the protection of trees

The objective of these measures is to provide for the preservation and enhancement of the special interest of the place. The intention is not to stifle change, but to provide for the positive management of these unique areas.

If you live in a conservation area, you will need planning permission to do the following:

  • Demolish a building with a volume of more than 115 cubic metres.
  • Demolish a gate, fence, wall or railing over 1 metre high next to a highway (including a public footpath or bridleway) or public open space; or over 2 metres high elsewhere.

Check if you're in a conservation area

You can find out if you're in a conservation area by using our interactive map. (Select the 'conservation areas' checkbox on the right-hand side.)

Even if you don't need planning permission you may still need to submit a demolition notice to Building Control.

Find out about demolition notices

If any part of the building or structure that you want to demolish is listed, then you'll need to apply for listed building consent. 

Find out about listed building consent

Carrying out works on a tree in a conservation area

It's against the law to carry out works to  a tree in a conservation area without first notifying the Council in writing.

You must complete an application for tree works form and give us at least six weeks' notice.

Read more about tree preservation orders (TPOs)

Can I put up a satellite dish in a conservation area?

You need permission to fix a satellite dish to your house if it will be facing the road. You can read the government guide for the installation of antennas for further details.

Local conservation areas

To find out about conservation areas in our district, you can read: