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The Places and Policies Local Plan

The Places and Policies Local Plan identifies specific sites for the new homes and work spaces that we need and how we want them built

We are currently developing our Places and Policies Local Plan:

We published the 'Preferred Options' draft of the plan for public comments on 7 October 2016 for a six week period, closing on the 18 November 2016.  We would like to thank all the individuals, groups and organisations that made comments during this period. Comments are now closed. To view comments please go to the link below. 

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The process we follow when developing a local plan is set out in government legislation. There are a number of stages: following the Preferred Options consultation, we will consider the comments made and redraft the Local Plan for another public consultation (the 'Submission' draft).  This will be our final draft. 

When the Submission draft consultation has finished we will submit the plan to the Planning Inspectorate (an independent government body), who will arrange an 'Examination in Public'.  All the comments received during the Submission consultation will be considered by an independent Planning Inspector. 


The plan lists 56 sites that are we are considering for possible future development to provide up to 2,500 much needed new homes and over 13 hectares of land for offices and other work spaces.


It also sets out what we want our buildings to look like, how they serve our economy and communities and how they relate to each other and to what's already here. It also determines how much open or play space and parking there should be, as well as ways to conserve and enhance our heritage and natural environment.

pdf icon Places and Policies Local Plan, Oct 2016 [45Mb]

We held a number of exhibitions during October, the exhibition boards are set out below.

The first exhibition board illustrates the timelines and relationship of the Places and Policies Local Plan with the Core Strategy 2013 and the review of the Core Strategy.

pdf icon 1. Development Plan Timeline [64kb]

pdf icon 2. What's Happened in Shepway Over the Last 10 Years? [96kb]

pdf icon 3. Our Needs [90kb]

pdf icon 4. What Do You Think About These Sites? [402kb]

pdf icon 5. What Will My Future Look Like? [71kb]

pdf icon 6. Tell Us What You Think? [55kb]