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Lorry parking ban

HGV parking is causing disturbance and inconvenience to many residents and businesses in parts of the district.

To help address the issues, we introduced an overnight and weekend parking ban for HGVs in the following roads:

  • Tile Kiln Lane, Folkestone
  • Caesars Way, Folkestone
  • Dover Road (between Old Dover Hill and Hill Road), Folkestone
  • Wear Bay Road, Folkestone
  • Ashford Road (A20), Sellindge
  • Ashford Road (A20) (by junction 11), Hythe/Stanford
  • Park Farm Road, Folkestone
  • Kingsmead, Folkestone
  • Castle Hill, Folkestone
  • Shearway Road, Folkestone
  • Shorncliffe Road, Folkestone
  • Cheriton High Street
  • Marine Parade, Folkestone
  • Marine Terrace, Folkestone
  • Lower Sandgate Road, Folkestone
  • Cheriton Road, Folkestone
  • Bowles Well Gardens, Folkestone
  • Jointon Road, Folkestone
  • Farthing Common, Postling

The ban came into effect on the 2 November 2015. Parking signs were put up on the sites to communicate the restriction. The first two weeks were used to warn drivers of the new restrictions. Booklets explaining the restriction, alternative parking sites and the penalty for illegal parking were prepared in 16 languages. These were also handed to drivers or affixed to the windscreens of vehicles.

A total of 130 warning notices and booklets were issued to vehicles during the period of warning. Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) also took this opportunity to engage with many of the drivers seen.

CEOs patrol these sites listed at least 4 nights per week and on weekends. Details of pcns issued are shown on the attached.

Outstanding payments are being pursued and CEOs will continue to enforce the restrictions stringently.

Month PCN was issuedHow many issuedHow many paid
November 201512946
December  2015287123
January 2016334158
February 2016246112
March 2016231100
April 2016253107
May 2016276116
June 2016283109
July 2016276100
August 201622862
September 201623078
October 201625770
November 201611315
Grand Totals31431196