Resident's Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) on-street permit

A permit to protect parking for residents and businesses within a CPZ, although it doesn't guarantee a parking space

Before you start

To be eligible, your address needs to be in a parking zone and your vehicle registered to that address.

To find our if your address is within a parking zone, and the parking zone's operational hours, check the zone maps. Alternatively, the online application uses a postcode search that will tell you if your address is within a CPZ.

How it works

The holder is allowed to park their vehicle (car, invalid carriage, or goods vehicle) in permit holder and shared use bays in the permit zone during operational hours. Permits are non-transferable, so if there are several vehicles in your household, apply for a shared permit.

Motorcyclists and Blue Badge holders do not require a permit to park in permit holder or shared use bays.


Business owners can buy permits for vehicles essential for running their business eg delivery vehicles. They are not issued to get staff to and from work.

Please note that a business permit is not a loading permit and any loading or waiting restrictions will apply.

    How much it costs

    Type of permitCharge
    Resident parking permit or shared permit£30 per annum
    Business permit£60 per annum
    Special permit for health and care workersFree
    Replacement or amended permit£5.20

    No refunds are given for any unused periods.

    How to apply

    You can apply online using the button below. You can apply for up to two permits.

    Apply for or renew a parking permit

    Please allow up to 5 working days to process your application. After we've reviewed and authorised your application, you'll receive an email explaining how to make payment and activate your permit. Your permit will not be valid until payment is made.

    What do I need to provide with my application?

    You must provide a valid email address and submit proof of address and proof of vehicle ownership. Documents must be in the same name as your application and if you're providing bills or bank statements, these should be recent examples no more than six months old.

    Please note, we do not accept mobile phone bills as a proof of address.

    For vehicles purchased in the last 3 months, you'll need to submit either the bill of sale or new keeper supplement and your insurance certificate.

    For company vehicles, we need a letter from your company on headed paper confirming that the vehicle is owned or leased by the company and you're the sole user.

    Special permit for health and care workers

    Your application must be supported by medical or other appropriate evidence. You do not need to submit proof of vehicle ownership.

    Courtesy cars

    If you're going to be using a courtesy car for over a week, please contact us so we can arrange to issue a temporary permit.

    Information leaflets

    pdf icon Zone A1: Folkestone Town Centre [104kb]
    pdf icon Zone A2: The Bayle [103kb]
    pdf icon Zone B: Folkestone West [108kb]
    pdf icon Zone C1: Folkestone Harbour [147kb]
    pdf icon Zone C2: The Stade [103kb]
    pdf icon Zone D1: Chilham Road [104kb]
    pdf icon Zone E: Guildhall North [108kb]
    pdf icon Zone G: Zone G [107kb]
    pdf icon Zone S: Sandgate [176kb]