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Parking Permits for Car Parks

How to apply for and renew a car park permit

Parking permits let you pay for parking in advance, which is convenient and good value if you often need to park in car parks or on the street in a controlled zone.

To be eligible, you should have sole use of a vehicle (eg. you don't share or borrow the vehicle). It should be:

  • a passenger vehicle
  • registered to your address in Shepway
  • no more than 4.8 metres long, 2.4 metres wide and 1.8 metres high

Residents' car park permits

A residents' car park permit lets you park for up to 3 hours in long-stay council car parks, and up to 2 hours in short-stay car parks. You must not exceed the maximum stay limit for the car park, and you can only use the permit once per day.

The permit costs £60 for 1 year. You can apply for one if you live anywhere in Shepway.

pdf icon Complete the application form for a resident parking permit [198kb]

If you can't get a parking permit (eg. if you live outside the area), you can still save by buying a car park season ticket.

Prices of season tickets:

Type of Season TicketAnnual Cost6 Month Cost3 Month Cost
Valid 7 days per week£657£329£165
Valid 6 days per week£560£280£140
Valid 5 days per week£468£234£117
Valid 4 days per week£374£187£94
Valid 3 days per week£280£140£70
Valid 2 days per week£187£94£47
Valid 1 days per week£94£47£24

Pay for a season ticket