A Charter for Otterpool Park

Shepway District Council has set out its aspirations for Otterpool Park in a newly-published Charter for Otterpool Park.


The Charter builds on the "Development Principles for Otterpool Park" first published in the Expression of Interest that the council submitted to government in June 2016.

The Charter for Otterpool Park was published in draft in September and now incorporates revisions following public consultation and consideration by the Council's Cabinet. It will now help shape our new garden town.

Cllr David Monk, Leader of Shepway District Council, said:

"Although not binding planning policy, this charter lays the foundations for Otterpool Park - a garden town of the future. We wanted to show that we are serious about creating an amazing place for our children and grandchildren to live, work and play. Otterpool Park will be a properly and carefully planned, landscaped garden town, with well designed homes, generous parks and public open space and an abundance of trees, woodlands and natural habitats.

"There will be homes to suit all ages and incomes, new schools, shops and health centres, space for businesses, cycle tracks, footpaths and high speed broadband - everything a community needs to thrive and flourish now and in the future.

"I would urge everyone to read the Charter and make their own minds up as to whether they would like to get involved in helping to shape Otterpool Park so it can be somewhere you and your family would like to live."

A Charter for Otterpool Park