Coronation Parade Coast Protection Scheme

Coastal protection work at Coronation Parade was completed in May


The iconic structure is a major feature of the Folkestone shoreline - although few people realise the essential role it plays in protecting homes and businesses from cliff erosion.

Our contractors worked hard replacing, repairing and renewing corroded reinforcing steels and severely damaged concrete. Additionally, cathodic protection has been added - a process of applying a low voltage through the steel in order to prevent further corrosion - and the surface of the parade itself has been renewed.

A project of this size and complexity was inevitably going to reveal unanticipated problems and this led to delays in the progress of the work.

The final stage of  the project, which involves laying a new surface on the parade, has also been held up by the weather. We needed a period of dry fine weather, low tide and calm seas and this unfortunately eluded us at the beginning of the month of May.  However,  the promenade was open for the weekend of 20 May.

Although the delays were unavoidable, we would like to apologise for any convenience caused during this essential work.

The second part of the project, which is due to start in the autumn, is smaller and less disruptive and involves stabilising the cliffs and the addition of a rock revetment at the eastern end of Sunny Sands. 

You can learn more about the coast protection scheme by reading information on our Coronation Parade page.