Committee details

Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

Terms of reference

a)      To contribute to the development of, and review of, the Council’s community plan, including the review of performance against targets.

b)      To examine how the Council engages with the community, including reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of the Council’s communication and consultation strategy, and other strategies that have an impact on relationships with the public.

c)       To consider how the Council develops relationships with its partners and review the effectiveness of those partnerships in contributing to the Council’s vision and objectives.

d)      To scrutinise the work and decisions of the partnerships that the Council is involved in.

e)      To prepare responses to consultation, for consideration by the executive, on any matter that affects community services in the district, including education and health.

f)        To act as the Council’s Crime and Disorder Committee and to meet for that purpose at least once a year.

g)      To co-opt members and determine whether they are entitled to vote on any matter, in accordance with the Crime and Disorder (Overview and Scrutiny) Regulations 2009.

h)      To review and scrutinise the executive’s decisions, including prior scrutiny of proposed executive decisions and decisions made by committees and officers.

i)        To contribute to the development of the Budget and other financial strategies, and review the performance of the executive against the Budget and other financial targets.

j)        To contribute to, and review, the development of the Council’s corporate management policies, including risk management and corporate governance policies and strategies, and to review the performance against targets, and review the effectiveness of the policies and strategies over time.

k)       To contribute to, and review, the Council’s performance plan and performance management system.

l)        To exercise the right, set out in the ‘Call-in’ rule of procedure, contained in Part 6 and 7 of this Constitution, to call-in, for review, and recommend, for re-consideration, any decisions made by the executive but not implemented.



Contact information

Support officer: James Clapson.

Phone: 01303 853267


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