Committee details

Joint Standards Hearing Committee

Purpose of committee


Terms of reference proposed for the joint hearing committee are:

In respect of allegations made against parish / town councillors, concerning breaches of the code of conduct of their parish or town council –

a)              At the request of the Monitoring Officer, to consider whether an allegation of breaches of the code of conduct should be referred for local investigation or other action, but not to make any finding of fact at that stage;


b)              To consider the report of the investigating officer;


c)               Where the investigating officer has concluded that there has been a potential breach of the code of conduct, to hear and determine the allegation;


d)              To impose or recommend the imposition of appropriate sanctions, where it finds that there has been a breach of the code of conduct.




2 district councillors drawn from the Audit and Governance Committee and 2 parish/town representatives nominated by the parish / town councils.




The chairmanship alternates at each meeting, between a parish/town councillor and a district councillor. The quorum is 2, with a district councillor and a parish/town representative present.