Committee details

Folkestone & Hythe District and Parish Councils' Joint Committee

Purpose of committee



(a)     To discuss and explore ways of the district and town/parish councils working together for the common good of the citizens.

(b)     To be one of the ways that the district council consults town/parish councils on proposals.

(c)     To enable town/parish councils to inform the district council about their proposals and obtain comments.

(d)     To be a forum for the exchange of good practice.

(e)     To enable questions to be raised about the district councils policies in relation to town/parishes and community issues.

(f)      The town/parish councils and the district council may ask questions about the effect and/or outcome of the decisions taken by the other party but they may not be used by one party to scrutinise or examine the reasons for the other party’s decision.

(g)     Not to be used for attacks on individuals or organisations.



Contact information

Support officer: James Clapson.


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