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2021/22 Highway Works Programme

Report JTB/21/01 updates members on the identified schemes approved for construction in 2021. 


This report updated members on the identified schemes approved for construction in 2021.


Members asked a number of questions on the schemes detailed in the report as follows:


Appendix A


·         A2034 Cherry Garden Avenue – Councillor Jeffrey suggested that works scheduled for August 2021 should be delayed as this was the transportation route to the seafront development which is still ongoing. Mr Bowen noted this request and would report back to members the outcome.

·         Blue House Lane – Councillor Love was pleased to see this work is programmed for July as it only has a small number of houses in the area but the work still needs to be done.


It was also noted that a number of roads had been misspelt in the report and a request was made to officers to correct these for future reports as it could be confusing to some.


Appendix D


·         A260 Canterbury Road junction with Alkham Valley Road – Councillor Godfrey was disappointed to see the scheme had been shelved as residents had been informed that a review was taking place. Mr Bowen agreed to look into why this had happened and would report back to the councillor and the board.

·         A2034 Cheriton Road junction with Cherry Garden Avenue – Councillor Gane was disappointed to see this scheme was on hold when it clearly needs to be reviewed.

·         Risborough Lane junction with Church Road – Councillor Gane was disappointed to see this scheme had also been shelved and asked that is be reviewed again.

·         B2075 Lydd Road junction with Old Romney – Councillor Hills was concerned there was no funding for this to be actioned and that officers need to push for this to happen.


Appendix E


·         Ref 3052 Cheriton High Street – Councillor Love asked why the bus stop and shelter had not been replaced following works in this area and asked that it be dealt with as soon as possible. Mr Thompson informed that discussions were ongoing in respect of the position of the bus stop and he would report back once he had clarification.

·         Ref 3053 Cheriton High Street/Cheriton Approach – Councillor Love asked that this be reviewed as further safety checks need to be completed.

·         Councillor Weatherhead asked for a report back on Scanlons Bridge as this was not included in the report this time.

·         Councillor Hobbs asked why a number of black and white bollards had appeared in Elham without the knowledge of the parish council.


Councillor Ms Carey was able to respond to this by saying that no one had claimed responsibility for them and that they would be removed.

·         Ref SH3067 Royal Military Avenue – Councillor Love and Councillor Gane asked that street lighting is reviewed in this area as a matter of urgency due to the increase traffic and pedestrian use now.

·         Ref SH3072 Martello Lakes – Councillor Weatherhead informed that a number of residents had raised concern about the lack of crossing in this area and asked for a review to take place as a matter of urgency.


Councillor Hills asked if highways could include timescales for works when producing the report in future.


Appendix H


·         Dunes Road – Councillor Hills asked why this scheme would now not go ahead and asked that this be reviewed again.


Appendix J


Councillor Mullard asked for the new pavement and cycle way by Hythe Ranges to be cleared of weeds and grass which is now coming through and looks untidy. Mr Bowen said he would look into this.

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