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Highway Works Programme 2020/21

Report JTB/20/05 updates members on the identified schemes approved for construction. 


This report updated Members of the Joint Transportation Board on the schemes approved for construction and programmed for delivery in 2020/21. Members noted that as Kent County Council had agreed a substantial increase in the budget for planned highway works over the next three years, work was still in progress to identify and design schemes for inclusion in the full Year One to Two (2020/21 and 2020/21) and Year Three to Five (2021/22 to 2023/24) programmes. Because of this, it had been decided to publish an interim programme, and to publish the full programmes later this year. For some assets, the interim programme covered approximately the first six months of 2020/21, whilst for others it included most of the works planned for the whole year. The programme was subject to regular review and may change for a number of reasons including budget allocation, contract rate changes, and to reflect KCC’s changing priorities. The programme and extent of individual sites within the programme may also be revised following engineering assessment during the design phase.

Members asked a number of specific questions on the schemes detailed in the report as follows:

Appendix B– Robin Hood Lane, Lydd – Gully and kerbing work.

In answer to a question from Cllr Hills, Mr Bowen said he had noted what Cllr Hills had said about problems still occurring during periods of bad weather and would liaise with him as appropriate to discuss possible remedial action.  

Appendix D – Risborough Lane Junction with Church Road – Installation of a Zebra Crossing Point.

In answer to request from Cllr Love for more information on this scheme, Mr Bowen would contact him direct. 

Appendix D – Dover Hill and New Dover Road.

Cllr Pascoe said, whilst welcoming the road safety improvements being undertaken as described in the report, he still had concerns about traffic speeding on Dover Hill and asked whether any further measures could be taken to address those concerns. Mr Bowen said the situation would be monitored.  

Appendix E – Cheriton High Street – Installation of Traffic Lights.

In answer to a point raised by Cllr Gane, Mr Bowen said that there would be a Safety Audit undertaken in respect of the new traffic lights at the Tesco/Horn Street/Cheriton Approach junctions. Any changes arising from that Audit would ne reported to Members.

In answer to a question from Cllr Love on the same scheme, Mr Bowen said he would look at the suggestion of having a light controlled pedestrian priority as part of the Safety Audit.  

Appendix E – Ashely Avenue – Access to Recycling Facility

In answer to questions from Cllr Gane, Cllr Pascoe, Cllr Love and Cllr Monk, Mr Bowen said the latest planning application had been approved by KCC in February 2021. Mr Bowen said he would investigate the concerns that had been raised by Members, particularly with regard to vehicles over 7.5 tons accessing the recycling facility via Ashley Avenue. He would report his findings back to Members of the Board as soon as possible. 

Appendix E – A259 Martello Lakes (Nicholls Quarry)

Mr Bowen said he understood a proposal would be coming forward for a roundabout to be put in at this location. 

Appendix H – Cheriton High Street – Upgrade to Puffin Crossings 

In answer to a question from Cllr Love, Mr Bowen said he would look into his concerns regarding pedestrian safety and the need for a far side indicator and contact him direct.

Appendix H – School Road, Saltwood – 20 MPH Speed Limit.    

 In answer to a question from Cllr Love, Mr Bowen said he would investigate the need for 20 MPH repeater roundels and contact him direct.

Appendix G – Bridge Refurbishment – Old Romney 

In answer to a request from Cllr Hills for more information, Mr Bowen said he would contact Cllr Hills on this direct.

Appendix H – Combined Member Grant – Dunes Road, Greatstone

Mr Bowen would contact Cllr Hills to give him an update on this scheme. 

Appendix I – Street Works – BT Works – Longage Hill

Mr Bowen would arrange to contact Cllr Hobbs with an update.


(i) That Report JTB/20/25 be noted.

(ii) A further report of the use of Ashley Avenue, Cheriton by vehicles over 7.5 tons accessing the aggregate and recycling plant at Caesars Way would be submitted to the next meeting of the JTB.  

(iii) Officers would respond direct as appropriate to the questions raised by the Members of the Joint Transportation Board during the course of the meeting. 



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