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Leader's Q&A session

This page lists the meetings for Leader's Q&A session.


Information about Leader's Q&A session

This is an informal meeting where Members and the public can submit questions for the Leader and his Cabinet Members to answer.


Members of the public will be asked to submit their question in writing 5 clear working days before the session and councillors at 10.00am on the day preceding the day before the session. All questions should be submited in writing to:


The session will be held by Zoom which will be open to the public to view via YouTube. 


The questions and answers will be placed on the council's website after the meeting.


There will be a time limit of a maximum of 30 minutes for public questions, and 45 minutes for Councillor Questions.  Members of the public will be allowed to ask one question, and each councillor must limit the number of questions they ask to no more than two per session.


Please note, a question may be rejected if it is not about a matter for which the Council has a responsibility or which affects the district, is defamatory, frivolous or offensive, requires the disclosure of confidential or exempt information, or has already been asked within the previous 6 months.