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Declarations of Interest

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There were no declarations of interest. 



To consider and approve the minutes of the meeting held on 17 September 2020. 

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The minutes of the meeting held on 17 September 2020 were agreed.  The Chair’s signature will be added to these minutes. 


Laser Energy Update

Feedback and update on the prioritisation exercise. 


Due to unforeseen circumstances an update could not be provided at this meeting. 


Folkestone & Hythe District Council's Carbon Action Plan


Members were reminded that the Carbon Action Plan document had been produced to reduce the Council’s own carbon footprint to net zero by 2030.  It takes as its baseline a study by LASER Energy that uses data from 2018/19 as an initial starting point.  The next step is to present this report to the Overview & Scrutiny Committee. 


Members asked about the timings of stages under immediate; short term and medium to long term.  It was mentioned that actions in Stage 1, notwithstanding the pandemic, are likely to take effect early in 2021. 


Members felt it was important to source energy from local green suppliers, rather than relying on large national companies.  This could be incorporated within the Procurement Policy which is to be reviewed. 


Overall, members felt this was a very detailed and structured report and thanked officers for its production. 


Kent and Medway Energy and Low Emissions Strategy

Document attached for review and discussion. 

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The Low Carbon and Sustainability Specialist Officer, provided a precis of the Strategy by presentation slides.  The presentation is attached to these minutes. 


Members were given brief comments on the priorities and were advised the strategy would be presented to Cabinet for adoption.  However, more analysis is needed to explore how this strategy aligns with the Council’s plans and in this respect Cabinet will need the views and input from this working group. 


The Chair pointed out that more work around this strategy is needed in readiness for the next Climate and Ecological Emergency Working Group meeting. 


All Member Briefing

Proposal to hold a briefing in December to highlight the outcome from Laser’s assessment and review the draft action plan. 


An all member briefing was proposed and working group members felt this was a good step forward.  The Chair of this working group would open the session which would include;


·         A recap of the original motion proposed in July 2019.

·         Invite experts to help deliver the briefing, eg possibly The Carbon Trust.

·         Initial scope of the Working Group and how this has been narrowed down. 

·         Indicate what is currently being carried out by the Council to become carbon neutral. 

·         Ensure members gain a basic knowledge and terminology understanding of the Carbon Action Plan. 

·         How the Carbon Action Plan ties in with the Corporate Plan. 

·         Emphasise short, medium and long term goals. 


Folkestone and Hythe District Council LED Lamp Post Project

A presentation will be provided to members from the District’s Transportation Lead Specialist.. 


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The Transportation Lead Specialist provided a presentation on the District Street Lighting Review, which is attached to these minutes. 


It was noted that up to 70% of the district’s street lighting requires replacement or repair.  Four options were shown to members looking at costs and carbon emissions savings, option three was the recommended outcome. 


Members raised the following points: 


·         Funding requirement would be £950,000 which would include maintenance if adopted by KCC.  

·         Lighting in un-adopted roads would continue to be maintained. 

·         If all street lighting is adopted by KCC this would not include pole brackets, which is street lighting fitted to electricity poles. 

·         Incorporate roadside EV charging points into poles was suggested, however if KCC adopt the street lights then this is a topic to be covered by the County Council and could be discussed with KCC Transportation. 

·         Value for money – street lighting stock is ageing and requires upgrading.  An initial investment is needed but ultimately savings could be made through KCC adoption, there are also carbon reduction effects.     


Any Other Business


The Working Group were asked for their views on the recent announcement from the Department for Transport (DfT) on extra funding for Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging points. 


At present the Council’s plan is to fund and install 15 EV charging points, however with DfT funding this could be increased to 60. 


There are timescales to adhere to, funding needs to be applied for by the end of November 2020 with installation to be completed by end of March 2021.


Members felt this was a good opportunity and an application will be made after reference is made to the portfolio holder for transport, Councillor David Godfrey.