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Chairman's Introduction


Councillor Lesley Whybrow introduced the meeting, welcoming Steve Marks from Laser Energy. 


Since the Cabinet changes it has been agreed by the Leader that Councillor Whybrow will chair this Working Group.  Councillor Stuart Peall remains a member, Councillor Treloar is no longer a member, being replaced by Councillor Whybrow. 


Declarations of Interest

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There were no declarations of interest. 



To consider and approve the minutes of the meeting held on 7 January 2020. 

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 7 January 2020 were agreed and signed by the Chairman. 


Feedback on proposed actions


An update paper had been circulated to members prior to this meeting, Hazel Sargent, Low Carbon and Sustainability Specialist, went through the paper briefly.  Items commented on included: 


·         Emergency procedures – update needed. 

·         Decision making wheel, an example was shown in the update paper which provides clear and visual information of a climate impact statement.     Other examples were also looked at. 

·         Possible carbon budget for budget holders within the Council. 


The working group agreed it would also be of interest to see how Kent County Council are approaching the development of an environment and climate impact template.   




Proposed Estate definition


Ms Sargent has viewed the asset list with further work to be undertaken at the Civic Centre. 


Steve Marks from Laser Energy pointed out that each asset would be part of either an organisational boundary or operational boundary.  For example housing and transport would be operational. 


Although members were keen to know what actions can be taken for new builds and Otterpool Park, members were reminded that this is something that can be looked at in the future.  The present actions are to concentrate on the corporate estate and how the council can move towards net zero carbon emissions, whilst also concentrating on controlled approaches around costs.  .


A question was raised regarding the Government’s carbon emissions targets as it was noted that the District Council has not provided information to this, Ms Sargent advised that it was not compulsory to submit data. 


Establishing a Baseline Position for Carbon Emissions


Mr Steve Marks, Carbon Strategy Lead from Laser Energy gave a presentation entitled Climate Emergency Planning and Implementation to members.  Members had also received a briefing paper prior to the meeting. 


·         In identifying emissions using Scope 1 (direct greenhouse gas emissions),2 (electricity indirect greenhouse gas emissions) and 3 (other indirect greenhouse gas emssions), it was recommended that data relating to Scopes 1 and 2 are provided, with Scope 3 possibly not at this point. 

·         Graphical representations to be provided for the Council. 

·         The information collated would then be used to identify ways to reduce emissions. 


Members were happy with this approach and made the following comments:


·         As per the original motion, ensure all strategic decisions, policy, budgets, investments, contracts, planning decision, developments are in line with a shift to zero carbon by 2030. 

·         Maybe Town and Parish Councils could be involved in a collaborative way. 

·         It is important that any actions are taken as one exercise. 

·         Planning for natural hazards regarding climate change.  Mr Marks pointed out that Laser Energy concentrates on carbon related impacts rather than environmental impacts. 


Members recommended that necessary funding is met from CLT Contingency budget.   


Cycling Infrastructure and Plans


Mr James Hammond, Strategy and Policy Senior Specialist, gave a presentation.  He mentioned the Cycling Infrastructure Strategy is in draft form at present although Cycle Shepway have had sight of it. 


Phase 5 , coastal route from Palmarsh to Dymchurch is the next phase, however Hythe Ranges could present a challenge in implementation.  Funding is being looked at. 


Members asked about cycle infrastructure on the Romney Marsh, however, Mr Hammond advised that at present the draft report does not include this area within the district. 




Update on Electrical Charging Points


Mr Frederick Miller, Transportation Manager,  provided a presentation to members.


·         The Council are considering installing up to 40 charging points in various car parks throughout the district. 

·         On street chargers will also be considered however these could be cost prohibitive. 

·         Grid capacity will have to be considered, especially when looking at rapid chargers. 

·         Owners of electric vehicles are able to charge at home, however mileage covered is always a consideration. 

·         Fee charging for electricity used must be considered, at present the current chargers in the district are free to use.  It is a subject that will be presented to Cabinet. 



Future agenda items to include:


-       Waste contract

-       Grounds maintenance and tree stock.

-       Pesticide motion

-       Suggested items for consideration from members, through the Chairman, Cllr Whybrow, initially.