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Contact: Kate Clark 

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Chairman's Welcome


Councillor Stuart Peall advised that he, at the request of the Leader, would chair this Working Group.  He apologised for not attending the previous meeting. 


Declarations of Interest

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There were no declarations of interest. 



To approve the minutes of the meeting of this Working Group held on 18 October 2019. 

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The minutes of the meeting held on 18 October 2019 were agreed and signed by the Chairman. 


General discussion on flood risks in the District


A slide presentation was given to members showing the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) for the district dated 2015.  Councillor Tony Hills elaborated further giving details concentrating on the Romney Marsh and how flooding impacts the Dungeness Nuclear Power Station. Lessons had been learnt since the Fukushima tsunami in 2011 and flood defences at Dungeness had been upgraded.


A further slide shown was the SFRA in 2119 which shows flood defences breached predominately affecting the Romney Marsh.


Points raised included:


·         Flooding affecting housing, farmland and aquifers, which in turn affects the economy. 

·         Flooding would impact severely on vulnerable residents in the district, ie disabled, elderly, unemployed and low income families.


Further comments included:


  • Strategic long term actions in place for vulnerable residents and the importance of looking at emergency response protocols. 
  • Lydd Ranges flood defence.
  • SFRA to be updated as part of a review of the Local Plan; the timing of the update needs to be chosen carefully to make best use of resources as national information changes frequently
  • Information received advising that the Nailbourne stream is due to flood and will impact low lying areas, daily walks undertaken to check.


Action points:


  • Investigate flood action plan for Elham Valley and the Pent Stream.
  • Contact Max Tant, Flood Risk Manager at KCC.
  • To look at budgeting position with regard to an SFRA update.
  • Planning perspective and progress to date with regard to Lydd Ranges flood defence.
  • Request a copy of KCC’s emergency plan for the district
  • Consider ensuring landowners create resilience and control flows due to flooding.


On a final point on this item, Councillor Georgina Treloar advised she had received a letter from a concerned resident with regard to the prospective development at Princes Parade and sea defences.  The resident was keen to mention this area to the working group.



Update from previous working group meeting


Miss Hazel Sargent, Low Carbon and Sustainability Specialist, gave a brief re-cap on the previous meeting. 


Members noted the following: 


·         Increase electric vehicle recharging points, 10 planned in the district with one at the Civic Centre. 

·         Continue to encourage cycling and walking, further cycling routes installed within the district.

·         Lobby local businesses and Government towards a low carbon economy. 

·         Solar tiles on new buildings

·         Induction technology on highways.

·         Crematoria – rebricking to be carried out at Hawkinge Crematorium which would drastically reduce energy bills.  Cryogenic fragmentation was an idea mentioned which is carbon neutral, along with green burials.

·         Recycling, all recycling needs to be well managed and behaviours need to change with regard to contamination.  It is also important to consider where items purchased originate from and the manufacturing process.



Climate change strategy


The Chairman was keen to clarify the terms of reference for this working group with regard to a commitment to reduce Folkestone and Hythe District Council’s estate and operations to zero net carbon by 2030. 


It is assumed all buildings in the district owned by the Council would be part of the estate including land and vehicles, however this will be confirmed. 


In working towards zero net carbon emissions, initial ideas coming forward were tree planting, reviewing and renewing energy contracts, expertise, budgeting and working with partners. 


An online tool mentioned was ‘ScatterCities’ which supports local authorities in measuring greenhouse gas emissions and building carbon reduction plans, this is a free tool that will be reviewed to ensure it is fit for purpose or, if not, whether expertise needs to be brought in. 


Points raised:

  • Correspondence from KCC re flooding. 
  • All slides shown today to be shared with working group members, working group member will provide comments to Hazel Sargent. 
  • Working group members were reminded that funding  totalling £10m have been set aside for climate change work and in this respect an action plan needs to be costed and agreed for recommendation to Cabinet. 
  • Future energy proposals could provide payback. 
  • A goal for plan publication to be agreed, possibly Summer 2020. 
  • Next meeting to be scheduled for approx. 6 to 8 weeks’ time.
  • A key aspect that is important to the working group is communication to residents. 



Letter from the Co-op to the Leader of the Council

The Co-Op has emailed the Leader thanking the District Council for encouraging the use of compostable bags when collecting food waste.  The Co-Op has now asked if the District Council could help in encouraging other Local Authorities to engage in collecting food waste and using compostable bags.  The correspondence is attached to this agenda. 


Supporting documents:


Members were encouraged by the letter from the Co-op and the Chairman will respond accordingly.