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Contact: Sue Lewis 

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To note the minutes of the meeting held on 25 June 2020.

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The minutes of the meeting held on 25 June 2020 were submitted and approved and signed by the Chairman.



A presentation on the latest technical work followed by questions and discussion.




Tim Gabbitas and Toby Thornton from WSP and Philip Longman from Arcadis presented members with an update on the latest technical work.


The presentation covered a number of aspects relating to the following:


  • Transport Strategy - should set out a strong suite of non-car improvement measures with walkable neighbourhoods, provide strong walking, cycling and bus connections, connectivity throughout the site and beyond, minimise and manage impact of traffic, provide parking requirements for cars and bicycles and provide for future needs for electric vehicles and flexibility to adapt to innovative transport solutions.
  • Workshops – following a number of workshops with the Council, KCC and local groups further discussions will now be held to agree level of scheme detail required for application.
  • Section 106 schedules and contributions discussions will also take place.
  • Westenhanger Station – there are 3 phases to the scope for improvements for the station, with the first phase covering parking issues and bus stop allocations..
  • Mobility hubs
  • Net Zero aspirations – integrated approach within the site.
  • Future Mobility – there are 6 key changes for future mobility; cleaner transport, data and connectivity, new business models, automation, changing attitudes and new modes the future Mobility design input will be embedded within the Phase 1 Masterplan proposals.
  • Highway Infrastructure – there is a preference for “monitor and manage” approach to provision of highway infrastructure rather than “predict and provide”, therefore, further work will be carried out throughout the process whilst monitoring any changes.


It was noted that further works are being undertaken in respect of the A20 proposals, the design principles, highway infrastructure and design development for Phase 1 Masterplan.


The next steps towards a revised application include ongoing discussions with the Council and KCC to address transport assessment comments, work with WSP to develop a Transport Vision for Otterpool Park, update the Transport Strategy and Transport Assessment, Travel Plan and Transport Environmental Assessment.


Following questions from members the following information should be noted:


1.         Bus Service – discussions are continuing with Stagecoach.

2.         Off-site cycling – upgrades will be made to existing cycle routes with continuing discussions with KCC and officers.

3.         Westenhanger Station – no timeframe has been set for works.

4.         Vision document – this will look at all options and innovations.

5.         Traffic flows – these have been and will continue to be monitored. It has highlighted areas outside the site that may be a concern, A261, Boltophs Bridge area, Lympne Hill and Military Road – all of which will be looked at through the course of the development.

6.         Net Zero – works continue on achieving the best.
















A presentation on the latest technical work followed by questions and discussion.



RenukaGunasekara, Arcadis presented members with an update on the Water Strategy highlighting the following:


  • LPA’s feedback, supporting early progression of a detailed water cycle strategy and noting that more work needs to be done on managing flood risk and groundwater flow.
  • Scope for strategy includes hydraulic river modelling, water demand and wastewater flows, together with groundwater emergence and delivery framework.
  • Key issues to be looked at include flood risk in East Stour River, water efficiency and its impact, multiple benefits and innovation using holistic and integrated approach and nutrient neutrality working with NE’s latest advice.
  • Waste Management issues including water course, open spaces and water transformation.


It was noted that Affinity Water can supply Otterpool from Paddlesworth Reservoir - capacity is available for the initial 1500 units. Otterpool is included in Affinity Water current Business Plan and Water Resources Management Plan.


Members were informed that engaging with local water companies has proved beneficial and regular discussions are ongoing with all water companies involved to develop the best solution for Otterpool.


Mr Gunasekara informed members of the next steps, continuing to work with officers, KCC, water companies and the EA to continue to feed into the masterplan.


Members asked a number of questions relating to the following:


  • Water Supply – there is sufficient facility for the supply of water for all 10,000  properties, with the noted mains improvements and a water management plan in place.
  • Local Plan Growth – this information has been collated for the SE Region and will be continually updated to include local areas.
  • Core Strategy Review – the inspector questioned the consumption rate of 90litres opposed to the national target of 110 litres but members were encouraged that supply is not going to be an issue.


Councillor Monk informed members that this would be the last meeting of the working group as all future meetings would be in the form of briefings to all members of the Council.