Agenda and minutes

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Declarations of interest


Councillor Tim Prater declared a voluntary announcement in that he is a member of Folkestone Town Council, he remained in the meeting for discussions.



To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 12 May 2021.

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 12 May 2021 were noted.


An email will be sent to members to update on the Strategic Project referred to in minute 4.


Folkestone Town Centre Place Plan

To receive a presentation on the draft plan and proposed actions (background papers attached). Members are asked to provide feedback on the proposals ahead of the Place Plan being considered by Cabinet.


The full draft Place Plan and supporting documents can be reviewed via the web page:



Members were informed that Folkestone Town Council had provided feedback on the draft plan and in general this was seen as positive. They raised a number of points relating to the potential relocation of the bus station , access for all, affordable housing and the consultation process.


Members received a presentation on the draft plan and proposed actions paying particular attention to the following:


  • That through all stages of the development residents and members of the public should be consulted and kept informed. This is something officers are very keen on and stressed that this draft plan is not the end of engagement with communities.
  • It needs to be a people plan including the views of young people who should also have provision provided within the plan.
  • Supporting documents such as transport and the changes to the Licensing policy, together with NTI input should be provided on the council’s website so that members of the public can see the work that has been done so far. These are technical reports used to inform the Place Plan. Officers will look at providing explanatory notes on these. The draft Licensing Policy will be subject of a specific consultation process.


The Place Plan is structured by 6 missions which in turn leads to 6 action areas. Each action area will be looked at in detail and the draft plan provided members with a view of how things could look throughout the 6 areas.


Members paid particular attention to:


  • Infrastructure and how this will work, the changes needed and what areas require more connectivity.
  • Station Arrival to town centre, particularly with regards to cycle routes.
  • Parking and issues of moving car parks and the needs of the town and visitors.
  • Feedback from consultations. Officers informed that each comment had been assessed and at the request of members a list of responses would be published.
  • Library and Youth Hub. KCC are working with officers to increase youth facilities, work which KCC will lead on, together with discussions on library provision.


It was suggested that some members of the working group might benefit from a tour of the areas as the process moves forward and it was agreed that an All Member Briefing would be useful.


A report will be presented to Cabinet in September and they will be asked to identify projects from the action areas to form the basis of a Levelling Up Fund Bid. Once a decision has been made then  more detailed design, together with costings and further engagement will begin.


Although the decision is not expected to go to Full Council, they do have the option to refer it, officers will raise this at the request of members.