Agenda and minutes

Venue: Boulogne Room , Civic Centre, Folkestone

Contact: Kate Clark/Sue Lewis 

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To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 11 January 2017 as a true record.

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 11 January 2017 were submitted, approved  and signed by the Chairman as a true record. 



Planning Application update

To receive a presentation.


Presentation by Mr Dave Shore, Strategic Development Project Manager. 


He advised members that a Cabinet meeting held on 7 February 2017 authority was given to develop a planning application for the Princes Parade site. 


The aim is to submit a planning application end June/early July 2017.  The key components to be Planning Design and Access Statement, Environmental Statement, Parameter Plans and a Recreation Centre detailed design. 


Parameter Plans relate to the elements of the scheme for which outline planning permission is sought, ie the residential, commercial and open space elements.  The draft Parameter Plans were shown that consist of the following key elements:


·         Boundary

·         Maximum extent of residential development

·         Land use plan including planting, open space, mixed use zone, promenade, residential zone and main street with public parking.

·         Access and circulation plan

·         Residential components showing maximum storey heights and maximum heights sections. 


Following discussion on the development of the planning application the Working Group agreed to endorse the provision, within the parameter plans and the masterplan submitted with the planning application, of a sufficient area of public car parking along the southern boundary of the area of open space at the western end of the site. 




Project Development Strategy

To receive a presentation.


Presentation given by Mr Dave Shore, Strategic Development Project Manager.


He proposed that a detailed Princes Parade Business Plan be prepared consisting of the following:


1.    ARC Business case

2.    Design Proposals

3.    Capital Cost plan

4.    Capital Funding Strategy

5.    Project Execution Plan

6.    Project Delivery Team


Appendix 1 – Risk Register


It was proposed that a number of workstreams be delivered in order to allow the Business Plan to be prepared as set out below:


·         Workstream 1 – ARC Business Case.  To produce an updated health and fitness market assessment, financial projections of the proposed new facilities and review the existing pool and facilities. 

·         Workstream 2 – Land disposal advice.  An assessment is required of the development and disposal strategy options available to Shepway District Council as owners of the Princes Parade site. 

·         Workstream 3 – Capital Funding Strategy.  To consider how the capital costs of delivering the full scheme will be assembled including the decommissioning of the existing pool.

·         Workstream 4 – Procurement of ARC operator.  To consider management support and legal representation for the proposed new leisure facilities.

·         Workstream 5 – Public Open Space.  Planning permission would require the open space to be delivered to a certain standard.  Beyond any requirements linked to a future planning approval, this open space has the potential to be developed as a high quality destination play area, in accordance with the emerging Shepway Play Area Review incorporating concessions, toilets, a high quality destination play area and other relevant facilities.  A high level of community engagement may be used in order to inform the long term development of this open space. 


Members were mindful of the health and wellbeing aspect and how this could be incorporated into the proposed facilities. 


The Working Group agreed to recommend to Cabinet the preparation of a full business plan to deliver the Princes Parade Project with the detail being reported to a future Cabinet meeting in Autumn 2017, prior to commencement of construction.