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Declarations of interest

Members of the Board should declare any discloseable pecuniary interest or any other significant interests in any item/s on this agenda.

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There were no declarations of interest. 



To consider and approve the minutes of the meeting held on 22 November 2021.

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Councillor Weatherhead advised that the minutes did not accurately reflect his comments under the External Fund Schemes of report JTB/21/04.  The following are to be added to the minutes from 22 November 2021. 


‘Councillor Weatherhead mentioned the Scanlons Bridge scheme and Dymchurch ‘zebra crossing’ scheme.  He and local residents were very pleased to see these proposals and looked forward to positive updates.’   


Subsequent to the above the minutes were agreed and the Chairman’s signature will be added showing approval. 


Councillor Love then asked about progress on the bus shelter opposite Tesco’s in Cheriton High Street.  Mr Bowen advised that Taylor Wimpey would be installing the base initially and believed this had taken place.  Councillor Love said he would check when next passing by the area. 


Highway Works Programme 2021/22

Report JTB/21/06 updates Members on the identified schemes approved for construction.

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Report JTB/21/06 updated members on the identified schemes approved for construction. 


Prior to members reviewing this report, James Bowen, (Interim Folkestone and Hythe District Manager for KCC) suggested that in line with other JTBs in the county, members direct their enquiries to the individual officer named within the Highways Report.  This can be done by phone or email.  The Chairman further suggested that copies of such emails are made to Mr Bowen and the district officer producing the minutes of JTB meetings for their records. 


Turning to the Highway Works Programme, the Chairman asked members for any comments section by section. 


Appendix A – Road, Footway and Cycleway Renewal and Preservation Scheme. 

Members mentioned surface conditions of Horn Street, Coast Road (Greatstone) and Cuckoo Lane (Postling).  Also Alkham Valley Road to A260 needed monitoring.  


Appendix C – Street Lighting

Mr Weatherhead had received an email from residents in Kingsway, Dymchurch about street lighting out for quite some time.  There seemed to be confusion about whose responsibility it was, KCC or FHDC.  Mr Paul Thompson, Highways Engineer, will look into this as he believes that the columns in Kingsway may not be in the main KCC agreement. 


A suggestion was made that FHDC street lighting columns could be included in the Street Lighting report for this committee.  Mr Thompson will endeavour to include a list, however, district repairs are normally carried out quickly meaning a list would become outdated.  For information Mr Thompson advised that FHDC own approximately 1100 columns but these are maintained by KCC.  There are probably no more than 24 columns which fall outside the KCC agreement. 


Ms Meade wanted assurance that any lighting repairs are now made with LED bulbs.  Mr Thompson will check with KCC. 


Appendix D – Transportation and Safety Schemes

Casualty Reduction Measures

Ms Meade had concerns about Dover Hill, New Dover Road and Black Bull Road and the speeding that seems to be occurring on these roads.  Ms Boorman said she would speak to Ms Meade after this meeting for a proposed solution. 


(Miss Susan Carey joined the meeting).


Externally Funded Schemes

Mr Weatherhead asked for an update on the Scanlons Bridge Scheme and the proposed zebra crossing on the A259 Dymchurch (Tesco).  He was surprised to see these schemes had not been included in this section.  Ms Boorman said she would email Mr Weatherhead with further details.


Appendix D2 – Active Travel funded Projects

Mr Weatherhead had safety concerns about Phases 5A and 5B, in that until Phase 5B is complete cyclists would have to continue onto the main road and pedestrians would have to cross a busy main road to join an existing pathway.  Ms Boorman will come back to Mr Weatherhead with an update. 


Appendix E – Developer Funded Works

Councillor Gane raised a query about the entrance/exit on Royal Military Avenue opposite St Marks Close.  He advised that work has started but had safety concerns.  Mr Bowen reiterated his earlier comment about contacting the relevant  ...  view the full minutes text for item 20.


Fairfield Road and Ashford Road, New Romney

Report JTB/21/07 summarises the results of proposed waiting restrictions in Fairfield Road and Ashford Road in association with a new residential development in New Romney and seeks a recommendation to proceed as advertised.

Supporting documents:


Report JTB/21/07 summarised the results of proposed waiting restrictions in Fairfield Road and Ashford Road in association with a new residential development in New Romney and sought a recommendation to proceed as advertised. 


Members were advised this was a developer led scheme and was part of a planning condition.  However, the Chairman believed a site visit was needed as he was concerned about the length of the double yellow lines and how this would impact local residents, who have historically parked their vehicles along Fairfield Road.  Other members supported him on this way forward. 


The Chairman also had concerns about the narrowness of Fairfield Road and the increased traffic along this road once the new residential development is complete. 


KCC officers, Mr Bowen and Ms Boorman said they would make further enquiries and endeavour to arrange a site visit. 


Miss Carey recognised the difficult time all officers had in the recent storm and thanked them for their hard work.  Mr Bowen commented that it had been an extremely difficult time.    



Prior to the closure of the meeting members raised further concerns as follows: 


  • Councillor Mrs Berry made a request for yellow lines along Beech Close, Folkestone.  This is a narrow road which becomes congested due to nearby schools and nursery.  Mr Thompson and Mr Bowen said they would liaise about this situation. 
  • Councillor Gane asked about the storm damage at the White Lion Pub in Cheriton.  He had safety concerns about this property and possible debris falling onto the highway.  Mr Bowen will investigate this matter, he also asked Mr Thompson to contact Building Control.