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Declarations of interest

Members of the Board should declare any discloseable pecuniary interest or any other significant interests in any item/s on this agenda.

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To consider and approve the minutes of the meeting held on 13 September 2021. 

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The minutes of the meeting held on 13 September 2021 were agreed as a correct record.  The Chairman’s signature will be added to these. 


Cllr Rory Love raised a procedural question regarding how long the meetings will be remaining online.


Chairman deferred to Mrs Kate Clark, Case Officer (Committee Services), Mrs Clark explained that there were no plans as yet to return to physical meetings as the Joint Transportation Board is not a formal committee so can remain online. Not likely to be reviewed until the Annual Council meeting in May, at which point reference could be made to the Chief Executive. 



Proposed Parking Restrictions

JTB/21/03 is a report by the FHDC Highway Engineer to the Joint Transportation Board.


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Report JTB/21/03 was a report by the FHDC Highway Engineer.


The Chairman went through the report and asked members for their comments on each section. Comments and questions raised as follows:


Campbell Road, Hawkinge: members welcomed the change but queried the size of the area having a ban when there is already limited parking available and would like officers to explain size and reasoning?


Paul Thompson, Transportation Specialist, explained due to resident email regarding grass verge and driveways, cars are parking over the highway and footpath causing residents to have to walk in road or on grass verges.


Member queried could letters not just be sent to residents to stop nuisance parking.


Mr Thompson advised that it is going out for consultation with residents and that the only way parking could be enforced is with restrictions.


Prospect Road, Hythe: members welcomed the decision, thanked FHDC and Mr Thompson for speed in adding to agenda.



Highway Works Programme 2021/22

Report JTB/21/04 updates members on the identified schemes approved for construction. 

Supporting documents:


Report JTB/21/04 updated members on the identified schemes approved for construction.


The Chairman went through the report and asked members for their comments on each section. Comments and questions raised as follows:


A member raised an issue regarding the spelling of some road names within the report and did not feel members should have to highlight inaccuracies, James Bowen from KCC advised he was aware of inaccuracies and apologised. This issue had been raised with staff who build report.


Alkham Valley Road (Road Asset Renewal Schemes) – a member hoped a solution could be found for issues here as situation still not great.


Bluehouse Lane (Surface Dressing) – Mr Bowen advised that an update had been received today that drainage issue has been addressed and will be added to resurfacing calendar in the next financial year.


Harden Lane (Appendix B) – Chairman was happy to see these issues are to be investigated.


Street Lighting (Appendix C) – Mr Bowen advised dates are incorrect for works programs to be completed and should read February 2022.


Member also raised that ward names are out of date in report.


Black Bull Road j/w Linden Crescent (Appendix D) – member thanked KCC for  steps taken forward with work on Black Bull Road.


Cinque Ports Cycle Route Phase 3 (Appendix D) – Wendy Boorman from KCC advised she was not aware of funding being available for the Cinque Ports Cycle Route Phase 3 so the report may be incorrect.


Cinque Ports Cycle Route Phase 5 – Nikoll’s Road to Dymchurch Redoubt (Appendix D) – members wanted to clarify that there would be no obstacles to Phase 5.


Ms Boorman explained that Phase 5 works have started this week and only last part of this phase awaiting MOD to finalise on land being made available.


Chairman requested that he and other local members be updated on developments prior to next JTB. Ms Boorman agreed and would update accordingly.


Active Travel cycle route Cheriton to Folkestone Central (Appendix D) – members wanted to thank KCC officers for attending the public meeting in Cheriton and explaining the plans. They looked forward to the outcome of the consultation as many did take part and also queried whether a petition had been received or not.


Ms Boorman agreed that public meeting was well attended and that the team are currently analysing all comments which is why the consultation results was taking time. Residents’ views will be taken on board. Confirmed petition has been received and will check with Democratic Services at KCC if it will be actioned and will update.


Cheriton High Street/ Cheriton Approach (Appendix E) – a member raised a question regarding the bus shelter on Cheriton High Street and if it is back in position outside Tesco? Also queried the pedestrian crossing and why it will not be completed until June as crossing is dangerous and confusing for residents.


Mr Bowen advised he will find out about the bus shelter and update. Agreed the traffic light button  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.


Local Winter Service Plan

Folkestone and Hythe Local Winter Service Plan 2021/22.  Members are asked to note report JTB/21/05. 

Supporting documents:


Report JTB/21/05 - Folkestone and Hythe Local Winter Service Plan 2021/22.


The Chairman went through the report and asked members for their comments on each section. Comments and questions raised as follows:


Members raised that the gritting map was unreadable and not available on the website. Members noticed that some of the appendices to the report were missing and this is because they are for internal use only and contain personal contact information.  Mr Bowen noted these comments and will update the relevant teams to ensure the reports are clear and concise. 


Members commented on the salt bins at Whitehorse Hill and Spitfire Way and wanted assurance they will be filled ahead of weather changes.  Mr Bowen advised all 46 bins have been filled with salt, however bins are only topped up once under 50% full.


Members also raised ideas for following government guidance for clearing snow and that we should encourage residents to help with clearance as part of being in the community.


A member highlighted the need for a joint map of yellow and blue salt bins so all bins can be viewed but explained that blue bins are under care of town councils.


Appendix 3 – Salt Bin Locations.  The ward names need revision as some are out of date.  Mr Bowen will refer back to the report authors.  


The Chairman raised his concern about Kerton Road at Lydd on Sea remaining unsalted during the winter, although he states it is a regularly used shortcut to and from the Dungeness Power Station. He did mention that the private road to the Power Station is salted and did not understand why Kerton Road could not be included in the salting schedule.  Mr Bowen will update accordingly.   



Any Other Business


A member asked if there was any update on the bus driver availability situation, and had also heard of a possible strike in the district. The Chairman asked for an email to be sent to Stagecoach for an update.  This will be arranged by an FHDC officer.