Agenda and minutes

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Contact: Kate Clark 

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Appointment of Chairman

The Chairmanship of the JTB rotates annually between District Council members and those from the County Council.  For the remainder of 2020-21 it is for the District Council to appoint a Chairman. 


The District Council Members of the Board appointed Councillor David Godfrey as Chairman of the Folkestone & Hythe Joint Transportation Board for 2020-21.



Appointment of Vice-Chairman

A vice-chairman to be appointed by Kent County Council for 2020-21. 


The Board noted that Kent County Council had appointed Mr Tony Hills as Vice-Chairman of the Folkestone & Hythe Joint Transportation Board for 2020-21.



Declarations of interest

Members of the Board should declare any discloseable pecuniary interest or any other significant interests in any item/s on this agenda.

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There were no declarations at the meeting.



To consider and approve the minutes of the meeting held on 17 February 2020.

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The minutes of the meeting held on 17 February 2020 were approved and signed by the Chairman subject to the following amendment:


Minute Number 13 refers to Cherry Garden Lane. This should be amended to read Cherry Garden Avenue.


With regard to Minute No 13, a Member queried why the TRO planned at Prospect Road in Hythe had not been added to the Highways work programme. The work programme should be a definitive list. The Interim Highway Manager (East Kent) confirmed that she would raise this with all other Highways Managers, and remind them to ensure that the work programme should show all works.


Proposed Parking Restrictions - September 2020

A report by the F&HDC Highway Engineer to the Joint Transportation Board.


Supporting documents:


Report JTB/20/01 by the Folkestone and Hythe District Council Highway Engineer was presented to members.  The report outlined the areas where restrictions would help to improve the traffic flow, safety margins and resolve parking problems.


Members commented on various issues, including the following:


·       The yellow lines going down Coast Drive (3.4) needed to be extended.  The Transportation Specialist had advised that it was the aim to get this in before Christmas.

·       Motorhome Overnight ban (4) – is there a sunset clause when introducing further traffic bans? Although sensible in the areas suggested, could it be reviewed after a year or 18 months? This had happened previously in Radnor Cliff Crescent, and a resident who owned his own motorhome, was prohibited from parking it near his home. Could a PSPO be used to cover this issue?  The Transportation Lead Specialist advised that a PSPO could be used to enforce caravan parking, instead of a ban.  It was agreed that a meeting be set up with the CSU to look at both options, and report back to the JTB.

·       With regard to Tudor Road (3.1), the double lines would be welcomed, but could they be longer?   The Transportation Specialist advised that this had not yet gone to consultation as yet, but there was scope for this to be tweaked. He would do a site visit and take measurements.

·       With regard to Canterbury Road (3.4), it was a surprise the double yellow lines did not go nearer to the post office store. Parking on that stretch had been dire for a number of years.  There was already an existing single yellow line, which was not respected. Could the officers confirm how often enforcement visits were carried out? The Transportation Specialist advised that a number of site visits had been undertaken, and that was what had been requested, but he was happy to discuss this further with the proposers. In terms of enforcement, this had been raised by KCC and the parish council. Enforcement was carried out, as it was anywhere else within rural areas.

·       There was regularly a van parked on the junction with Crete Road West and Canterbury Road, which was being used as a motorhome, which someone was clearly living in. Was this permitted? The Transportation Specialist advised that he would discuss this issue with the CSU.



That report JTB/20/01 be received and noted.


Highway Forward Works Programme - 2020/21

Report JTB/20/02 updates members on the identified schemes approved for construction. 

Supporting documents:


Report JTB/20/02 updated members on the identified schemes approved for construction.


The Interim Folkestone and Hythe District Manager (KCC) advised on an amendment, at Appendix E (developer funded schemes), with regard to Jointon Road, Folkestone, the commencement date should be November 2019, not 2020.


The following points were discussed:


·       Appendix A - Risborough Way and Risborough Lane resurfacing. Could this work be done at a different time to the work at Tesco, to avoid major congestion?

·       Appendix D – Shorncliffe Road junction with Audley Road, Folkestone. Was this part of the original scheme? Could the JTB see a plan showing the proposals?

·       Appendix E – Cheriton High Street/Cheriton Approach. Was this on schedule, and was Phase II the final phase? The Interim Highway Manager for East Kent stated that she would seek clarity on this and report back to the JTB.

·       Appendix A – Cherry Garden Avenue – the paving was undulating here, and dangerous. It should never have been signed off.

·       Appendix B – Dungeness Road – the vegetation was growing in the dips, preventing the water from draining away. This was very dangerous and should be looked at urgently.

·       Appendix A - A20 Ashford Road, this extended to Sellindge, Lympne, Stanford and Saltwood, rather than Hythe.

·       Appendix A - Staple Lane Postling – The Micro Surfacing done was working really well.  The hot weather had been a concern but had made no difference.

·       Appendix I – both schemes. Thanks to Damien Cock for his help with these two schemes, which were welcomed by residents.

·       Appendix F – Had requested for pathway in Park Farm Road to be investigated, opposite the fire station. The path was being disturbed by tree roots. Could this be looked at urgently?

·       Appendix C – request addition - replacement of street light at the bend at Coast Drive (outside Demetrios restaurant), which had disappeared.

·       Appendix F – request addition - Martello Lakes, cycle path - lots of grass, weed and undergrowth growing in gutter which needed to be looked at. 


The Interim Folkestone and Hythe Manager advised that he would report these issues back to KCC.


The JTB indicated their thanks to the Highways staff, and district Council Officers for their efforts during particularly trying circumstances.




That Report JTB/20/02 be received and noted.