Agenda and minutes

Venue: Boulogne Room - Civic Centre Folkestone

Contact: Kate Clark 

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Appointment of the Chairman

The chairmanship of the JTB rotates annually between District Council

members and those from the County Council. In 2018-19 it is for the

District to appoint a chairman.


The District Council Members of the Board appointed Councillor Mrs Ann Berry as Chairman of the Folkestone & Hythe Joint Transportation Board for 2018-19. 


Appointment of the Vice-Chairman

A vice chairman to be appointed from the County Council by the County Council.


The County Council Members of the Board appointed Councillor Tony Hills as Vice-Chairman of the Folkestone & Hythe Joint Transportation Board for 2018-19. 


Declarations of interest

Members of the Board should declare any discloseable pecuniary interest or any other significant interests in any item/s on this agenda.


There were no declarations of interest. 



To consider and approve the minutes of the meeting held on 26 February 2018.

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 26 February 2018 were submitted,

approved and signed by the Chairman.


Highway works programme 2018/19

Report JTB/18/01 updates Members on the identified schemes approved for construction in 2018/19.

Supporting documents:


Report JTB/18/01 updates Members on the identified schemes approved

for construction in 2018-19.


In sending his apologies, Councillor David Monk, thanked Pauline Rocket for the excellent work carried out in the District. 


Pauline Rocket, District Manager – KCC Highways, updated members on previous points raised at the last meeting with regard to Cherry Garden Road/ Cherry Garden Avenue junction, Cycle Routes phases 1, 2 and 4 and A259 Seabrook, Olivia Court.  These are covered in the current Highway works programme. 


It was noted that Phase 4 cycle route will run from Reachfields in Hythe to Martello Lakes (Nichols Quarry) where a toucan crossing will be installed. 


Councillor Peter Gane pointed out that there is still confusion over the three lanes on the Cherry Garden Road/Cherry Garden Avenue junction with motorists using the left hand turn lane to drive straight across. He has witnessed a foreign HGV using incorrect lanes and believes it is only a matter of time before an accident occurs.  Pauline Rocket will contact Richard Heaps, KCC Highways, to respond. 


On another point Councillor Gane made reference to developer funded works on Military Road, however he was confused as to the actual site and believes this should read North Road.  Pauline Rocket will contact Dean Heynes, KCC Highways to confirm. 


Paul Thompson, District Highways Engineer, commented on the changes to layby on Dover Hill, to prevent overnight use of HGVs and advised the Board that a TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) proposal had been approved by Cabinet and was waiting to seal the TRO. 









Dover Hill and New Dover Road - Proposed change of speed limit

Report JTB/18/02 gives details of the statutory consultation for a proposal to reduce the speed limit in part of New Dover Road and Dover Hill as part of a Crash Remedial Scheme.

Supporting documents:


Report JTB/18/02 gave details of the statutory consultation for a proposal

to reduce the speed limit in part of New Dover Road and Dover Hill as part

of a Crash Remedial Scheme.


A statement was provided by Richard Heaps, Schemes Project Manager (Folkestone and Hythe) at KCC with regard to the proposal. 


As part of KCC Crash Remedial measure for Folkestone and Hythe, Dover Hill has been identified as a site for works.  We are proposing a change in the speed limit in the road, extending slightly into Dover District.


The proposal is for a reduction in the derestricted speed limit in Dover Hill and along part of New Dover Road.  We conducted automated speed surveys to gather data on the average speeds that vehicles are travelling along the road to see whether a 40mph or 50mph limit would be most appropriate.  Although speeds on Dover Hill are below 40mph, those on New Dover Road are higher.


On the basis of the higher speeds on New Dover Road and with reference to the guidance provided by the Department for Transport on the setting of local speed limits, it is felt that a reduction in the speed limit to 50mph would be the most appropriate.


As part of the Traffic Regulation Order we undertook Statutory consultation and consultation with local stakeholders, and a summary of the responses received can be found in the report, including that of Kent Police.  Although several responses requested a lower speed limit, it is felt that a lower speed would have a reasonable level of non-compliance, would not be consistent with DfT guidance and would not fulfil the requirements made by Kent Police.


Also as a result of comments made in the consultation, we are proposing the installation of an additional lane merging arrow to encourage earlier merging of traffic travelling up the hill.


On this basis, the recommendation is that the 50mph speed limit and additional arrow marking be implemented.


Board members present were keen to see this proposal implemented although an email from Councillor Rory Love, who was against the proposal, was read out by the Chairman


His points covered the crashes that had taken place and as there were no details of these, he was unclear what justification there was for introducing a speed restriction on this road, he also commented that the report suggests there is no justification under the DfT guidance.   


Councillor Love’s email also included a comment with regard to width of the road and the bends which are not tight, and that there are only three junctions on this stretch.  He mentioned that 85% of cars travel considerably slower than the proposed speed limit and that the fastest speeds (westbound 85th percentile) are achieved on the straight part of the road, at 45.2 mph, not where the bends are.  A response will be provided to Councillor Love. 


Nevertheless the Board agreed with the recommendations in the report. 


Stagecoach - Timetable changes in the district

Discussion with regard to the current new Stagecoach bus timetables in the district.   


The Board were keen to discuss the bus timetable changes by Stagecoach implemented on 3 June 2018.  Members were disappointed that a representative from Stagecoach could not attend. However it was agreed that a set of questions would be provided to Matthew Arnold, Commercial Director at Stagecoach with regard to the problems the new timetable changes have caused residents. 


The Board commented on problematical specific routes:


·         Tram Road, congestion and HGV parking

·         Buses not travelling through New Romney High Street due to congestion

·         Weymouth Road – buses are not parking correctly in bus stops. 

·         Wear Bay Road/Hollands Avenue, service has been cut as buses cannot pass by parking cars.  Paul Thompson, District Highways Engineer said he had met with a representative of Stagecoach and suggested remarking ‘keep clear’ signs and possibly establishing yellow lines which could mean Stagecoach may review their decision. 

·         Royal Military Avenue – buses are now being diverted down Wellington Road.

·         Bus stop – Naseby Avenue/Military Road junction, no longer in use. 


It was noted that a substantial amount of funding is provided by the County Council, mainly used for older person’s bus pass and younger person’s pass.  Better, more sustainable, ways of travel need to be considered for the future, perhaps connecting rural villages with feeder services, aggregate demands and consider utilising school and agency buses. 


Members noted that there is a KCC run consultation process in place now on rural transport with various consultations around the County, the local one being in St Marys Bay on 12 July.