Agenda and minutes

Venue: Boulogne Room - Civic Centre Folkestone

Contact: Kate Clark 

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Appointment of the Chairman

The chairmanship of the JTB rotates annually between District Council members and those from the County Council.  In 2017-18 it is for the County to appoint a chairman.




The Board noted that Kent County Council had appointed Mr Tony Hills as Chairman of the Shepway Joint Transportation Board for 2017-18.



Appointment of the Vice Chairman

A vice chairman to be appointed from the District Council members by the District Council.



The Board noted that Shepway District Council had appointed Councillor Mrs Ann Berry as Vice Chairman of the Shepway Joint Transportation Board for 2017-18.



Declarations of interest

Members of the Board should declare any discloseable pecuniary interest or any other significant interests in any item/s on this agenda.


There were no declarations of interest. 



To consider and approve the minutes of the meeting held on 27 February 2017.

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The minutes of the meeting held on 27 February 2017 were submitted, approved and signed by the Chairman. 


Network Rail

Mr Robert Hudlestone from Network Rail to give a verbal update with regard to Folkestone Central Bridge and road/rail links in respect of the construction of the High Speed rail link. 


Mr Robert Hudleston from Network Rail gave a verbal update with regard to Folkestone Central Bridge and road/rail links in respect of the construction of the High Speed Rail Link. 


Mr Hudleston reported that although specialist scaffolding had been erected to survey the Folkestone Central bridge it was now likely that the bridge would be replaced.  He explained that the existing deck would be cut out and a new prefabricated bridge would then fit in.  This exercise would take approximately two to three days and at a time when it would cause minimal disruption to traffic, public transport and pedestrians. 


Members asked when this would likely be carried out and Mr Hudleston estimated sometime in 2019. 


Discussions took place around the aesthetics of the bridge, in particular Miss Susan Carey mentioned the consideration of bridge metal artwork if funding would allow.   Mr Hudleston responded that the contractor would design a ‘bog-standard’ type rather than something elaborate.  Mr Hudleston advised that if the Board wished to discuss the design Network Rail would be prepared to listen. 


Councillor Mrs Ann Berry was keen to know why it had taken so long to decide to replace the bridge, Mr Hudleston was unable to answer this directly however, he knew that specialist testing had been carried out as well as looking at traffic constraints.  Mr Toby Howe from KCC advised that the traffic consultants were chased constantly for updates. 


Mr Hudleston advised he will respond to Councillor Mrs Berry directly. 


Members noted their concerns with regard to traffic problems in connection with the replacement of the bridge, notably Shorncliffe Road, Guildhall Street, Cherry Garden Lane and Risborough Lane and the importance of clear diversions. 






Highway Works Programme

Report JTB/17/01 updates Members on the identified schemes approved for 2017/18.

Supporting documents:


Report JTB/17/01 shows updates to the Board  on the identified schemes approved for 2017/18. 


B2011 Dover Hill, Folkestone – It was confirmed that the remaining resurfacing would be completed in September 2017.  A comment was made about a refrigerated lorry parking and disturbing residents.  Enforcement signs are in place however more effective action is needed to deter lorry parking, ie enforcement action by the District Council. 


Local Growth Funded Works – Cycle Routes – Mr Martin Whybrow noted that a proposed cycle route area in Sandgate has been designated with a ‘no cycling’ notice on the surface.  Mr Howe will contact the cycling officer and respond to Mr Whybrow directly. 


There is also an issue at Seabrook Car Park, a painted yellow/black kerbstone stone has been installed which is causing an issue with cyclists.  The question raised was, why is it there?  Mr Howe will investigate and respond.  


Alkham Valley Road jw A280 Canterbury Road – Mr Dick Pascoe believes a roundabout would be the best option.  It was also suggested that a review is needed at White Horse roundabout.   Mr Howe will find out if this is a considered installation and review and will ask Nikola Floodgate (KCC Schemes Planning and Delivery Manager) to respond.


Park Farm/Alder Road – The Board noted that the proposed new bus stop will use 8 car parking spaces and as there are three other bus stops within a short distance, is it required?  Mr Toby Howe will respond. 


Park Farm Road – Error under Description of Works, this should read ‘The Beacon’ not ‘Foxwood School’.  Mr Howe to amend. 


Scanlon’s Bridge Junction with Dymchurch Road – Concerns were noted about this junction, namely the bus stop interfering with the traffic lane.  Mr Martin Whybrow informed the Board that the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway are considering redevelopment of their site and may look at including a bus bay in order for buses to pull in and off the highway.


The Board agreed that generally signage at this junction needs to be clearer.


Part of the road surface is in a poor state at this junction and Properties 103 and 105 Dymchurch Road are affected with stone shrapnel damaging windows.    Toby Howe will ask the Highway steward to visit and keep Mr Martin Whybrow informed of any proposed site visits.