Agenda and minutes

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Folkestone

Contact: Kate Clark 

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Appointment of chairman

The committee must appoint a District councillor to chair the meeting.


Councillor Mrs Jenny Hollingsbee was appointed Chairman for the meeting. 


Councillor Frank Hobbs advised members that Councillor John Heasman had sadly passed away recently.  He was a member of this committee and a long standing member of the Kent Association of Local Councils   Funeral details were given to members. 


Declarations of interest

Members of the Council should declare any interests which fall under the following categories*:

a) discloseable pecuniary interests (DPI)

b) other significant interests (OSI)

c) voluntary announcements of other interests



Councillor Mrs Jenny Hollingsbee made a voluntary announcement with regard to the proposed Otterpool Park development.  She owns two properties near the boundary of this development. 



To receive and note the minutes of the meeting held on 14 March 2019.

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 14 March 2019 were submitted, approved and signed by the Chairman. 


Brexit and Operation Brock update

A presentation and update will be given to Members. 

Supporting documents:


Mr Andy Blaszkowicz, Assistant Director, presented information with regard to Brexit and Operation Brock which was a recap from the last meeting. His presentation is attached to these minutes.   


Members asked if Port of Calais, France has a similar operation in place, however, it was noted that Calais has far more capacity for lorry holding than Dover.  The Department for Transport and Highways England are in close discussions with the appropriate bodies in France. 


Operation Fennel / Brock is the main traffic management plan for Kent in a no-deal scenario. FHDC main focus in a no-deal scenario is to keep providing essential services to our residents and provide assistance to other agencies where required.



Otterpool Update

A presentation will be provided to Members which will include an update from the District’s Local Planning Authority and Landowner perspective. 








Supporting documents:


Mr James Farrar, Case Officer, Local Planning Authority for Otterpool presented information to members.  The presentation is attached to these minutes. 


Members comments included the following:


Health provision. The timing of health infrastructure is important.  Health hubs will be planned, such as the example of Whitstable, offering a wide range of services including minor surgeries which can benefit the whole district. 


Schools: The timing and delivery of the first primary school is also important. It is important this is provided early and the development is not underprovided.


Transport links: Questions were raised regarding the phasing and traffic impacts, particularly for Sellindge residents.  Officers said that discussions are ongoing in relation to phasing and further traffic modelling work is also ongoing. 


Parish/Town Councils: It is probable that Otterpool Park will create a Town Council which may affect nearby Parish Councils.  As this is a long-term project this needs to be kept under review.  


Mrs Julia Wallace, Masterplanning, Urban Design and Viability Manager said further technical and masterplanning work will be brought forward to feed into the Tier 1 outline stage; comments and feedback are always welcome from either Parish/Town Councils or the public as the work progresses into further detail.  








Cabinet members and their portfolios

A brief resume is attached to this agenda. 

Supporting documents:


Members noted and received the information attached to the agenda.