Agenda and minutes

Venue: Middelburg Room, Civic Centre, Folkestone

Contact: Kate Clark 

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Appointment of chairman

The committee must appoint a district councillor to chair the meeting.


Councillor Mrs Jenny Hollingsbee was appointed Chairman of the meeting. 


Declarations of interest

Members of the Council should declare any interests which fall under the following categories*:

a) discloseable pecuniary interests (DPI)

b) other significant interests (OSI)

c) voluntary announcements of other interests



Councillor Mrs Jenny Hollingsbee made a voluntary announcement in that she owns two properties nearby to Otterpool Park.  She remained in the meeting during discussions. 





To receive and note the minutes of the meeting held on 20 July 2017.

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 20 July 2017 were submitted, approved and signed by the Chairman. 




Otterpool update

A verbal update will be given by Chris Lewis, Planning Advisor.


Chris Lewis, Planning Advisor, gave an update on the ongoing work with regard to the Otterpool Park development. 


He advised that the promoter is in the process of finalising the Framework Master Plan which is due to be reported to Cabinet in November 2017.  Thereafter it will then become a public document and public events will take place after November.  At this point it will then enable the Council to produce a revised policy in the Draft Strategy Review. 


The plan is to submit a Planning Application to the Local Authority in Spring 2018. 


Members were advised that a Housing Infrastructure Fund bid (HIF) has been submitted to Kent County Council who in turn are the lead authority to submit the bid to the Government.  This could mean up to £250 million for major infrastructure in Shepway.  If successful, it would provide capital funding that would bring forward investment in infrastructure. The outcome of this bid will be known towards the end of 2018 as there are other bids being made. 


Long term stewardship was discussed which would ensure the effective management of public assets at Otterpool Park.  Comparisons with other new settlements have been made to gauge how this can been carried out. 


Mr Lewis spoke about the Charter for Otterpool Park, looking at key features in relation to environmental, social and economic factors.  The draft Charter is due to be the subject of public consultation and will be published on the website.  At this point it was suggested a special meeting of the Shepway District and Parish Councils’ Joint Committee is arranged prior to the Cabinet meeting on 18 October 2017, in order that a presentation of the Charter for Otterpool Park can be made. 


Chris Lewis spoke about the need for specialist expertise to advise the council on technical aspects covered in the proposed Charter and other work leading up to the submission of the planning application. A place panel is being set up in accordance with best practice to provide the specialist advice needed managed by consultants called Frame. 


Members discussed issues relating to water provision, transport, schools and medical facilities at Otterpool Park.  All agreed medical facilities were an issue and the difficulty in recruiting doctors in the District, especially on the Marsh. 

Councillor Mrs Jenny Hollingsbee informed members that incorporated within the HIF application, was a ‘wish list’ of services required.  Although a hospital would not be built as a result of the Otterpool Park development, it was hoped that a state of the art medical centre offering primary and secondary level care would be delivered.   


Members discussed the recent visit to Poundbury in Dorset and how the new town had been designed. Issues learnt from Poundbury included town management, business integration, location of play areas, parking management and meeting housing needs.   

Suzy Tigwell, Leadership Support Manager, confirmed forthcoming items for future agendas:


·         Waste and Recycling update

·         Play Strategies

·         Empty Military properties update

·         Empty Retail properties update