Agenda and minutes

Venue: Boulogne Room - Civic Centre Folkestone

Contact: Kate Clark 

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Appointment of chairman

The committee must appoint a district councillor to chair the meeting.


Councillor Mrs Jenny Hollingsbee was appointed Chairman of the meeting. 


Declarations of interest

Members of the Council should declare any interests which fall under the following categories*:

a) discloseable pecuniary interests (DPI)

b) other significant interests (OSI)

c) voluntary announcements of other interests



Councillor Mrs Jenny Hollingsbee made a voluntary announcement in that she has close relatives living nearby to the proposed Lorry Holding Area and she owns two properties within the area of search at Otterpool Park.  She remained in the meeting during discussions. 



To receive the minutes of the meeting held on 26 January 2017

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 26 January 2017 were submitted, approved and signed by the Chairman. 


Councillor Peter Coe, advised that although the minutes for this meeting had been recorded correctly he had inadvertently given incorrect information with regard to Cemeteries.  The correct information is that there are a further 28 cremation plots and 50 burial plots at New Romney Cemetery. 


Lorry Park

An update will be given by Chris Lewis, Planning Advisor. 


Chris Lewis, Planning Advisor, provided an update on the current position with the proposal to provide a lorry holding area at Stanford West. The proposals were now the subject of a judicial review claiming among other matters that the Secretary of State for Transport has failed to undertake a proper environmental impact assessment and failed to consider other possible alternatives and local people had been unable to make representations in respect of the proposals impact on Westenhanger Castle. The Secretary of State is to challenge these assertions and a hearing has been set for a date in June. Should the judicial review go against the Secretary of State then the expectation is that the programme will be reassessed  and it is possible that fresh proposals will be drawn up which this time would include a full environmental impact assessment and further public consultation.  



Otterpool Park

An update will be given by Chris Lewis, Planning Advisor.


Chris Lewis, Planning Advisor, briefed councillors on progress so far.  In its role as the planning authority a report will be presented to Cabinet in April 2017 seeking agreement to a number of key evidence based documents, which will then be published.  To support the Core Strategy Local Plan review a framework master plan will be required. The aim is for a draft Core Strategy Local Plan document to be reported to Cabinet by the end of this year with a view to public consultation commencing in January 2018. 


Jeremy Chambers said that the conclusion of the Stage 1 feasibility and capacity report was that there were no significant constraints to development of up to 12,000 within the area of search.  


During the course of discussion the meeting was advised that the Otterpool Park Garden Town Project would proceed in line with the agreed timeline regardless of the ongoing single East Kent district council discussions. 





East Kent Business Case

An update will be given by Chris Lewis, Planning Advisor.


Jeremy Chambers, Corporate Director – Strategic Operations updated the meeting on the latest position as advised by Suzy Tigwell, Leadership Support Manager, i.e. that the four way business case would  be considered by each of the four district councils’ council meetings taking place on 22 March 2017.  Each Council was being asked to approve taking a four way business case out to public consultation. Should any of the four councils not support the proposal at this stage then the project (as it stood) would end here. 


If all four Councils agree then a public consultation period would begin on 24 March until 19 May seeking views on the proposals.  These results would then be brought back to the four councils for consideration on whether to progress to a single district council for East Kent.


Councillors thanked Mr Chambers for this update and during the course of discussion the parish representatives raised some concerns with regard to localism and the impact on services. However it was understood that savings needed to be made and it was therefore important to focus on the needs of Shepway District Council and its residents.



Sea Defence Works

An update will be given by Alastair Clifford, Engineering Manager, on the significant work currently planned. 



Alastair Clifford, Engineering Manager, provided an update on the significant work currently planned;


Council Work


·         Beach Management Works would be undertaken during the period 2017-20 to maintain the existing standard of coastal defences from Fisherman’s Beach, Hythe to the Harbour at Folkestone. This would be achieved through recycling and regrading the existing shingle beaches. Planned access periods were September/October and March/April, however emergency works would be able to take place at other times. The funding for this work was agreed with the Environment Agency up until 2020. 


·         Coronation Parade, extensive works were planned which included renovation and protection works and construction of a new rock revetment and cliff stabilisation works.  Phase 1 would be completed by the end of March 2017 and Phase 2 would commence in September 2017. Funding was being provided by Environment Agency and local levy.


·         Coastal railings and barrier renovation.  Large sections of railings between Fisherman’s Beach, Hythe to the Harbour a Folkestone are due to be replaced or renovated during 2017.  This work was being revenue funded. 


·         Marine Parade, Hythe.  Renovation of promenade lights in Hythe during March/April 2017.  Revenue funded. 


·         Flood gate, Hythe.  Timber floodgates to be replaced on back of sea wall in Hythe during March/April 2017.  Revenue funded. 


·         Enbrook Stream outfalls; extension of current beach outlet to be beyond beach crest width. Work to be undertaken during May/June 2017. 


·         Greatstone sand dune scheme, ongoing protection maintenance.  Work normally completed October each year plus after any storm damage. An application for a further five years funding has been submitted to the Environment Agency. .


Private Work


·         Planning application Y12/0897/SH Folkestone Rotunda Redevelopment, to facilitate the regeneration of Folkestone Harbour.  Planned 2017.




Network Rail


·         The Warren; repair and replacement of coastal defence scheme at the including concrete apron repair and a section of up to 200m of rock revetment.  Summer 2017.


Environment Agency


·         Hythe Ranges coastal defence scheme; significant protection scheme between 2018-20  and Lydd coastal defence scheme during 2020-22 are planned to be undertaken including beach recharge and sea wall upgrade.