Agenda and minutes

Venue: Boulogne Room - Civic Centre Folkestone

Contact: Sue Lewis 

No. Item


Appointment of chairman

The committee must appoint a parish councillor to chair the meeting.


Councillor Frank Hobbs was appointed Chairman for the meeting. 


Declarations of interest

Members of the Council should declare any interests which fall under the following categories*:

a) discloseable pecuniary interests (DPI)

b) other significant interests (OSI)

c) voluntary announcements of other interests



There were no declarations of interest.



To receive the minutes of the meeting held on 14 July 2016.

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 14 July 2016 were submitted, approved and signed by the Chairman. 


Lorry holding Park - update

A verbal update will be given.

Supporting documents:


Chris Lewis, Planning Advisor, updated members on the Lorry Holding Park informing them that the consultation period ends on Friday 23 September 2016 at 11.45 pm. 


A number of stakeholder events were carried out by Highways England during the consultation period.  The next step is for Highways England to consider the detailed representations and amend their proposals accordingly.


Cabinet agreed a detailed response on the 14 September 2016 which can be found on the website. This includes 17 specific points, a response to Highway England’s summary questionnaire and a 36 page environmental assessment review carried out by consultant’s WYG on the Council’s behalf.   A copy of the minutes are attached for information. 


Cabinet made some changes and additions to the recommendations and stressed the importance of a number of issues including:


·         Setting up a community forum

·         Compensation scheme to be fair and relevant to the application.

·         Junction 11 slip road to remain open.

·         The use of automatic number plate recognition technology. 


Susan Priest, Corporate Director, informed members that John Hayes, Minister of State at the Department of Transport visited the Council and met with Cabinet informally.  He gave some reassurance to members in respect of the Junction 11 slip road and had discussions surrounding the compensation package and community forum.


The Corporate Director provided members with the suggested timeline from Highways England as follows:


·         September 2017 – partially open for HGVs.

·         Summer 2018 – lorry holding area completed and at the first available opportunity controlled motorway processes would started. 

·         Summer 2019 – Fully functioning completed project.


The Planning Advisor informed members that Balfour Beatty had enquired about the use of Folkestone Racecourse as their base for administration staff.  They have been informed that a planning application is required for this use and as yet no further correspondence has been received. 


Parish Councillor Frank Hobbs read out the submission to Highways England from Kent Association for Local Councils (KALC), some of the issues raised were HGV parking, enforcement action, traffic management, minimising impact on local communities within the AONB, facilities on sites and safety and security. 


Future updates will be given to the Committee. 



Otterpool Park - update

A verbal update will be given.


Susan Priest, Corporate Director, informed members that a number of Parish and Town Council meetings had taken place to keep members updated on the Otterpool Park expression of interest.  As a result of these meetings a summary of the issues discussed is available on the Council’s website. 


Further meetings have started with those Parish and Town Councils most affected and further consideration will be given as to how best to engage with the local community.  Broad engagement of all town and parish councils is welcomed.


The Corporate Director updated members on the recent Study Tour to Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, which highlighted different types of housing developments, with officers capturing the views of those in attendance and informing them that a debrief is likely to take place on 3 October 2016 at 5.30pm at the Civic Centre. 


It is hoped that further study tours will take place to the following areas:

Hawkinge, St Marys Island – Chatham, Ingress Park – Dartford and Kings Hill– Maidstone on 3rd November. 


She informed members that as part of the development it is likely that there will be a number of self build/custom build homes within the site and it is hoped that a workshop will take place sometime in December 2016 to look specifically at these issues. 


The Corporate Director informed members that as the party political conference season is  on, officers do not anticipate a response to the expression of interest before mid October 2016. 


Members were informed that as the Council is the planning authority as well as the landowner, officers have split into two areas of responsibility; landowner/promoter and planning. 


Landowner/promoter – consultants have been appointed, Arcadis Design and Consultancy with TW Farrell Consulting Pty Ltd who will be working on technical studies.  Members will be updated on progress. 


Planning  it is clear there will be a lot of planning issues surrounding Otterpool Park  but these will not affect the work already being carried out through the Places and Policies Local Plan (PPLP)  which will provide about 2,500 homes to meet the remaining requirement for housing required by the existing  Core Strategy.  There will shortly be a public consultation on the draft PPLP and Members will be updated on progress. 


Members felt that communication is key to this development, the Council must engage with the local community, be proactive in providing easy to digest information and it was a suggested a number of venues could be used to display information and hold community meetings. 


The Planning Advisor answered questions about masterplanning and providing the necessary infrastructure for a development the size of Otterpool Park. 


Facilities on Romney Marsh

Sarah Robson, Head of Communities, will be in attendance to address the item.



A number of issues with regard to facilities on the Romney Marsh were discussed paying particular attention to the following:


1.            Cemeteries


Concerns were raised in respect of New Romney and Lydd Cemeteries burial plots now being at full capacity with the exception of reserved plots. Only ashes plots are currently available at New Romney and Brenzett cemeteries. Members asked whether the Council would be considering current and future provision across the district, particularly for those residents and their families who would wish to be buried in a cemetery close to where they reside.


Sarah Robson, Head of Communities informed Members that a review was recently undertaken by Dover District Council in terms of future planning for burial provisions based on burial plot need and highlighting potential pockets of available land in the district.


Sarah agreed to raise the item with Andy Blaszkowicz, Head of Commercial and Technical Services, who oversees cemeteries in terms of property and grounds maintenance to ascertain whether any review has been undertaken by Shepway District Council in the past few years or whether a review would need to be instigated, which would need approval by CMT.


Members highlighted that any review would need to take into consideration the height of the water table as the Romney Marsh is known for tidal variations.


Members noted that previous conversations had been undertaken with the Council’s property team in regards to 50 additional plot spaces at the New Romney cemetery. Sarah will forward this information to Andy Blaszkowicz. Members suggested that they could make recommendation for land that could potentially be used for additional burial space. Information should be forwarded to Andy Blaszkowicz, Head of Commercial and Technical Services,


2.            Parks and Open Spaces


A review of parks and opens spaces is currently being undertaken to provide officers with an insight as to the provision of open space, play areas and maintenance throughout the district.  A consultation exercise is being undertaken in October 2016 and all Parish Councils will consulted as part of this exercise.


Members raised their own concerns in respect of play area sites noting The Green – Lydd, Jefferstone Lane - St Marys Bay and Station Road – New Romney.  Concern was raised over the Council owned and maintained Station Road play area, which has been affected by previous work undertaken by Affinity Water. Officers will look at the provision and maintenance of these sites as part of the review. 


3.            Provision of Surgeries, Health Centres and Chemists


Cllr Hollingsbee informed the group that the South Kent Coast Clinical Commission Group is currently reviewing the provision of hospitals, surgeries and pharmacies across the South Kent districts. Members asked that the review capture the lack of community health facilities on the Marsh.