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Election of Chairman for the meeting


Proposed by Councillor John Collier

Seconded by Councillor Philip Martin; and



That Councillor Mrs Jenny Hollingsbee is appointed as Chairman for this meeting. 


Declarations of interest

Members of the Council should declare any interests which fall under the following categories:


a)       disclosable pecuniary interests (DPI)

b)       other significant interests (OSI)

c)       voluntary announcements of other interests

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There were no declarations of interest. 


Declarations of lobbying

Members should complete the enclosed yellow form and return it to the Committee Administrator at the meeting.


Mr Philip Carter from the Leas Residents’ Association advised he had emailed all members of the Planning and Licensing Committee with regard to this application. 



An application for a Variation of a Premises Licence in respect of: Rosemont Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, 1 Majestic Parade, Sandgate Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2BZ

Report DCL/20/33 outlines the application made by Mr Erdogan to vary the current Premises Licence for this premises. The Licensing Sub-Committee must determine the outcome for the application.


Supporting documents:


Report DCL/20/33 outlined the application made by Mr O Erdogan to vary the current Premises Licence for this premises.  The Licensing Sub-Committee determined the outcome of the application. 


The Licensing Specialist introduced this report and added that the Planning Team had made a representation, however unfortunately the related officer was unable to attend. 


The Chairman asked the applicant to speak on the application.  The applicant, Mr Erdogan addressed members saying that the premises had been poorly maintained in the past and gave assurance that it would now be managed and maintained efficiently.  He pointed out that this will be a family run business and would be run as a restaurant only, as opposed to a bar or nightclub. 


The Environmental Protection Specialist was invited to speak next.  Concerns noted around dispersal noise, anti-social behaviour,  premises management and door security. 


Mr Philip Carter, from the Leas Residents’ Association spoke. First, thanking the Licensing Team on the improved procedures on circulating information to related parties.  Mr Carter had concerns on general noise, disturbance late at night and anti-social behaviour.  He was also concerned that the request for late night opening was more conducive to a bar or nightclub, not a restaurant. 


Councillor David Monk, ward member, was strongly against an increase in opening hours and felt the restaurant would be a good business without the need to go beyond the hours already in place. 


The Chairman asked Mr Erdogan for further comments.  He reiterated that the premises is a restaurant, not a bar or nightclub; main doors would be shut at 10pm to reduce any noise; staff would be trained to ensure patrons leave quietly, however he felt that specific door security would not give a good impression to customers.


Members thanked the applicant for his attendance today.  They were pleased to hear that the applicant was investing in the town with a new venture.  


The Committee, having heard from the applicant and upon consideration of the representations from the Planning and Environmental Health Departments at Folkestone and Hythe District Council and from local residents, decided that varying the premises licence to permit  the sale or supply of alcohol up until 01:00  on Fridays and Saturdays would not promote the licensing  objectives of the prevention of crime and disorder or the prevention of public nuisance.


The Committee were satisfied that extended late night alcohol consumption at the premises (being situated in a residential area) would give rise to the real possibility of increased noise nuisance, anti-social behaviour and crime and disorder.


Proposed by Councillor John Collier

Seconded by Councillor Philip Martin; and



1. That Report DCL/20/33 is noted and received. 

2. That the Variation Application is rejected. 


(Voting: For 3; Against 0; Abstentions 0)