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Reserve a burial plot

Find out more information about reserving a burial plot

Depending on space and availability, you can pre-purchase (reserve) grave space for future use.

Buying grave space gives an exclusive 'right to burial'.  The exclusive right of burial gives the purchaser the right to say who can be interred in that grave be it a burial or interment of ashes. It does not give ownership of the land. This right currently lasts for 100 years.

This is the right to all future interments, depending on the space available in the grave, and also to the interment and scattering of ashes in or over the grave. When you buy space you get a deed of grant to prove that you have this right.

You can also erect a memorial on the plot or add inscriptions to an existing memorial. If you have purchased a grave space this entitles you to apply for permission to erect a memorial. You cannot do this if a grave is unpurchased.

Reservation/pre-paid fees

The price of a reserved/pre-paid burial plot is:

  • £663 for a resident of Shepway district
  • £1,326 for a non-resident

The price for an ashes plot for four sets of ashes at the Garden of Remembrance in Lydd is £595. This includes the first use of the space and the memorial fee. The price for single ashes plots at New Romney Cemetery is £372 and is inclusive of the interment of ashes and the memorial fee.