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Dropped kerbs and dog bones

Dropped kerbs

Information relating to the application process for a dropped kerb

What is a dropped kerb?

A dropped kerb or vehicle crossing is the dip in the path and kerb that lets you drive up to your house.

If you live in Shepway you can apply to Kent County Council to have one installed.

How do I get a dropped kerb?

  • Before you apply, follow the guidance on the Kent County Council website available here. There's a self-assessment form to see if your road is suitable for a dropped kerb
  • Find out if your road is classified on the list of Kent streets. To search for your street in the document, press 'Ctrl' and 'F' together, then type in your street name and press return. Classified streets have a letter and number in front of them (for example, A262)
  • If your road is classified, you will need to get planning permission from us for a dropped kerb

Get planning advice

Contact our planning team for advice about getting planning permission, or for submitting your application. Include as much information about your request as you can when you write.