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Issue - decisions

Statutory Fees and Charges - Key decision

17/01/2011 - General Fund Statutory Fees and Charges 2011/12 -Decision number 10/050

Report C/10/50 outlines the suggested charges for building control and also detailed charges for dog fouling fines. The proposed changes are consistent with the Fees and Charges Strategy that was considered by Cabinet on 8 September 2010.


During the debate on the report, Cabinet referred to the minutes from the Corporate Scrutiny Committee meeting held on 11 January 2011. At its meeting the committee resolved tonote the report.



1.            To receive and note report C/10/50.

2.            To approve the 2011/12 statutory charges subject to discretionary pricing as outlined in appendix 1 of the report.

3.            To approve the Building Control Charges Scheme contained in appendix 2 of the report.

4.            To note the use of urgent powers by the Corporate Director for Communities and Deputy Chief Executive in increasing the building control charges from 4 January 2011.


Reasons for decisions:

a)           The proposed fees and charges will provide additional income to the council and this will be incorporated within the Medium Term Financial projections.

b)           Approval of the detailed fees and charges will contribute towards reaching the council’s overall budget objectives.