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Venue: Boulogne Room , Civic Centre, Folkestone

Contact: Sue Lewis 

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The minutes of the meeting held on 15 June 2017 were submitted, approved and signed by the Chairman.

Supporting documents:


Opening Statement by the Chairman

Welcome to the Princes Parade working group meeting today.


Before we begin, I just wanted to go through some points with you all. I note

that we have present with us today councillors who are members of the working group and other councillors who are observing this meeting. I would like to run through some important points which we must all follow:


1.         One of the purposes in having a working group is to enable full and frank discussions to take place on a range of possibilities; It is important to note that this is a working group and this working group does not have decision making powers; the meeting is not open to the public and is confidential. I would ask all members present to respect that confidentiality.

2.         Any papers for this meeting will be collected from you all at the end of the meeting.

3.         I am also conscious that some members of this Working Group also sit on the Planning and Licensing Committee and I have advised previously at the last meeting of the Working Group on the importance of recognising separate roles, to ensure that members do not fetter their discretion. I am also aware that since then the Leader has stated that no Cabinet members will sit on the Planning and Licencing Committee at the meeting where the Princes Parade planning application is considered. This should prevent such a conflict of interest arising.


Princes Parade update

A presentation will be given covering the following:


·         Princes Parade planning application (Y17/1042/SH) update

·         Leisure Centre Business Case – presentation by the Sports Consultancy

·         Programme and procurement advice – presentation by Hadron Consulting

·         Princes Parade Viability Report overview

·         Residential soft market testing update

·         Contractor soft market testing

·         Next steps and forward programme.