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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Boulogne Room - Civic Centre Folkestone

Contact: Sue Lewis 

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Apologies for absence


Kent County Council – Councillors C J Capon, Miss S J Carey, R A Pascoe and T Prater.



Declarations of Interest

Members of the Board should disclose personal or prejudicial interest/s in any item/s on this agenda.






To consider and approve the minutes of the meeting held on 13 December 2010.

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 13 December 2010 were submitted, approved as a correct record and signed by the chairman once the following had been noted:


Minute 6 – M20 sliproad to Folkestone – to request that the chairman of the board writes to Kent Highways once he has received a copy of the letter that KCC have sent requesting better signage on the sliproad.


Beachborough Road/Junction 12 – a request that highways officers look into getting the spelling of Folkestone correct on the sign.


Shepway Cycling Plan - JTB/10/23

Supporting documents:


Dr Jean Baker from the Cycling Forum addressed the board and thanked them for all their hard work in getting to this stage with the cycling plan for Shepway.


Dr Baker informed the board that the forum’s general response to the latest plan was that it was a deliverable strategy that would benefit all cyclists and serve the local community, reducing the number of cars in the town centre with minimal costs. It would provide a useful competent network with a leisure facility for the whole district not just Folkestone but outlining areas too.


The forum wished to thank Steve Darling, Transportation Engineer for all his help in meeting with the forum, listening to their views and incorporating them in the plan.


Steve Darling, Transportation Engineer informed the board that the introduction of the cycle routes would be prioritised as high, medium and low for implementation as funding becomes available. It would mean a much safer environment for cyclists, enhancing safer road safety and safer junctions.


Mr Darling informed members that all the routes would be subject to a consultation process and must be fit for purpose.


Members paid particular attention to the following:


Hythe/New Romney - Councillor Clifton-Holt raised concerns about two routes that appear on the plan that seem to show on a private road and farmland. He does not feel this is right and asked officers to look at these areas again. Mr Darling advised that these and all other proposed routes would be the subject of detailed consultation before any routes are introduced.


Lower leas – a request was made that the speed bumps at the sandgate end of the lower leas be reduced in length to allow cyclists to ride through without going over the bumps.


Traffic Lights, Beachborough Road – safety of cyclists should be taken into account in this area.


Monitoring – the board was pleased to see that the condition of surfaces adjacent to kerbs on all routes would be monitored.


Members noted that all the routes were listed as aspirational and were subject to change. It was agreed that the wording in the plan be changed to incorporate this and this is seen below:


The first paragraph of Section 8 - Proposal Maps

now reads:


All proposed routes are indicative, and subject to change through design or consultative considerations. Schemes will be designed and consulted upon, as and when funding becomes available. In each case, more detailed recommendations will be presented to elected Members, for a final decision.


This replaces the existing paragraph text.


Coolinge Lane – this route passes two schools and would be more suited to Grimston Avenue. Officers explained that county felt this was a good route to use and would encourage school children to use cycles.


Cherry Garden Avenue – this is a fast road and cyclists tend to use the wide pavement.


Broadmead Village – this route is a potential north/south link.


Dungeness – access to Dungeness for cyclists would mean going over a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.


Highways Works Programme - JTB/10/24

Supporting documents:


Members noted the report paying particular attention to the following:


Appendix B2 – Bouverie Road Footway reconstruction – funding is still to be found.


Appendix B5 – Weather damage repairs – each district was allocated £50,000 for repairs to roads and Shepway has already spent £44,000 with a week to go.


  • Rural areas – some rural areas seem to be neglected can this be looked into. Officers explained that all potholes are dealt with as quickly as possible but some do re-appear and these need to be reported immediately for them to be dealt with. All issues need to be reported by email to kent highways services.
  • Potholes cannot be marked by florescent paint as this would not disappear as quickly as the paint that is used at the moment.


Appendix C1 – Station Road, new Romney – new pedestrian crossing outside the Marsh Academy – the new crossing will be opened shortly and will be dedicated to the late Councillor Willie Richardson.


Appendix B4 – Gullies – officers informed members that the gulley cleansing schedule worked on a 2 year cycle but if required further cleansing could be done, usually when there are a number of problems so that the machinery is not sent out for one gulley. A history of cleansing is kept so that officers can establish where the main problems arise.


It was noted that the drainage channels are not included in the gulley cleansing schedule due to different machinery being used but officers have noted the concerns of the board and will look into how these can be kept clear.


Again members raised concerns with regards to water not running away in the following areas Bouverie Road, Central station roundabout and Shorncliffe Road and again asked that something be done as the old gullies obviously cannot cope.


The concerns of the board will be taken up and a report will be brought back to a future meeting.


Lorry parking – officers explained that it is extremely difficult to fine lorry drivers for parking on verges and footpaths. The police have the powers to move vehicles on and the council does rely on this. Discussions are taking place with county to see if traffic regulation orders can be issued but this will take time. A further report will be brought back to the next board in relation to heavy goods vehicles parked in the district.


Hedge cutting – farmers are not allowed to cut hedges as it is a county responsibility.


Policy Overview and Scrutiny Committee - JTB/10/25

Supporting documents:


Mr D Button, Community Delivery Manager (KHS) presented the reports that had been taken to the Environment Highways and Waste Policy Overview and Scrutiny Committee with the following being noted:


Rail Action Plan for Kent – Members are requested to submit any comments in response to the final draft to


Double Parking and Parking at Dropped Kerbs – members noted the report and the new powers relating to penalty notices. Councillor Love asked that members be involved in a debate about whether the new powers should be extended to drop kerbs in front of residential premises.


It was also noted that this council would struggle to resource this additional enforcement activity and does not currently enforce outside of the hours 8am to 8pm. Members requested that the Transport Manager, Fred Miller investigate this with the intention of referring the matter to the responsible cabinet member to introduce enforcement for double parking and dropped kerbs as set out in the report, and that the JTB give further consideration to dropped kerbs at residential premises at a future meeting.


Members noted the report.






Proposed Parking Restrictions - JTB/10/26

Supporting documents:


Members noted the report.


Folkestone Pedestrian Guardrailing Assessment - JTB/10/27

Supporting documents:


Gareth Williams, Technical Director, Jacobs informed members that on behalf of Kent Highways services, Jacobs had carried out a survey of pedestrian guardrailing in Folkestone and were seeking comments on proposals to remove sections of guardrailing from some sites.


He informed the board that there was to be rationalisation of guardrailing throughout the UK and to do this they would need to follow two stages: a review, followed by a canvass of local knowledge and opinions. He therefore suggested that members take the report away and submit their views and recommendations during the three months until the next meeting of this board.


Bob Porter, Head of Health and Housing advised the meeting that Shepway’s full council and cabinet had considered this issue and asked that it be given full consideration by this board. In particular, Shepway’s cabinet asked that this board be satisfied that there would be no adverse impact on safety before any barriers were removed.


Members noted that funding for the review had yet to be secured for all the works but each site would be reviewed when railings came up for repair.


Members expressed their views paying particular attention to the following:


  • Road safety – road safety is paramount and should be made a priority when reviewing the guardrailings;

As requested a copy of crash statistics taken for Folkestone is attached to these minutes.

  • Sandgate Road/Debenhams – particular attention should be paid to these railings before removing them;
  • Central station – safety should be priority in this area as a number of students use this area;
  • Park Farm Road/Fire Station – again safety is paramount in this area, not only because of the fire station but there are a number of schools in the area.


Members noted that a lot of the railings were put in place when the port of Folkestone existed but now that this has gone some should be removed as the nature of traffic and pedestrian flow has changed.


Members agreed the following:


1.         That ward members and town councillors meet with county and district officers to do a site visit of all the railings that are a cause of concern and report back to the board once this has happened.


2.         That the chairman of the board writes to Brian Sweetland at county to request that the kent association of parish council’s representative, sitting on the transportation boards should have voting rights.