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Gambling and charities

Gambling premises licences, gaming machine permits, other gambling permits, as well as charity collections

We have responsibility for betting, casino and bingo premises as well as premises with gaming machines and small society lotteries. You can read our Gambling Policy which sets out our approach to meet the licensing objectives of the Gambling Act 2005.

Licensing content icon Gambling premises licences Information for licensing premises that offer facilities for gambling such as casinos, bingo halls, betting tracks, betting shops, and adult gaming centres Licensing content icon Gaming machine permits If you run an alcohol-licensed premises or an unlicensed family entertainment centre and you wish to install gaming machines, you need a permit Licensing content icon Club machine or gaming permits If you run, or wish to set up, a club which offers gaming or gaming machines to its members, you will need a club permit Licensing content icon Prize gaming permits If you want to offer prize gaming at your premises, and don't already have a gambling premises licence, you will need a permit Licensing content icon Comment on a gambling premises licence You can write to us to object to, or support, a new application for a gambling premises licence, or an application to vary a licence known formally as 'making a representation' Licensing content icon Gambling licensing responsible authorities When you apply for a licence or permit, you will usually send your application to us, as well as other organisations with responsibility for licensing who may support or object to your application Licensing content icon Small society lotteries If you wish to run a small lottery (for example, a raffle or tombola) for a non-commercial society, you need to register it with us Licensing content icon Street collections You'll need a permit if you want to collect money or sell items for charity on the street. Street includes any public area Licensing content icon House to house collections If you're a small charity or local group and you wish to make house to house collections, you must have a permit