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Alcohol and entertainment licences

Premises and personal licences, temporary event notices, club premises certificates, and information on film classification

We're the licensing authority for alcohol and entertainment licences in the area. You can download both our Licensing Policy and Enforcement Protocol to see how we fulfil this duty.

Licensing content icon Premises licences If you want to sell or supply alcohol in a public venue those premises must have a licence. The designated premises supervisor must also have a personal licence Licensing content icon Temporary event notice (TEN) You must apply for a temporary event notice (TEN) if you want to sell or supply alcohol at a small-scale event, eg for a school or charity, or if your event will include other licensable activities Licensing content icon Personal licences to sell alcohol You must apply if you're the person who'll be running a business with a premises licence, known as the designated premises supervisor (DPS) Licensing content icon Club premises certificates How to apply, vary, change details, get a copy of your certificate, or surrender your certificate if, for example, you cease trading Licensing content icon Comment on a premises licence or a club premises certificate You can write to us to object to, or support, a new premises licence or club premises certificate application or variation Licensing content icon Apply for a review of a premises or club licence If you are concerned about a licensed premises in your area, you can ask us to review the licence. There are rules about who can ask for a review and why Licensing content icon Responsible authorities for alcohol licensing When you apply for a licence or permit, you will usually send your application to us, as well as other organisations with responsibility for licensing who may support or object to your application Licensing content icon Film classification If you want to show a film to a public audience, you must apply to either the British Board for Film Classification (BBFC) or us